New Fishing Tackle This Spring

New fishing tackle this Spring will feature a lot of all-around (all condition, all species) fishing tackle. LiveBaitFishingTackle.com is adding some new fishing tackle that will help you plain catch fish. On our radar this Spring are a few things to add to your tackle box. Here is a sampling of some of the great […]

Float Fishing

Why Float Fishing?

Float Fishing – Fish Floats & Catch More Fish! A better question might be, why aren’t you switching to float fishing? Float fishing has been around since the 1700’s and has been big since the 1800’s. In the United States it took us a 180 years to catch on, but float fishing got big here […]

Gapen Pencil Floats

Gapen Floats, Feature-Packed

Gapen Floats Guaranteed Gapen Floats Sensitive With Features and They Have Warranty Against Breakage We carry Gapen floats in our store for good reason. First off, the Gapen company is filled with great people who are very nice. Their product is functional, with quality components and very sensitive. Oh ya, it is also warranted against breakage. […]


Best Fishing Hook Want the best fishing hook? Winter’s grip has closed off your favorite fishing hole in most cases to the North in the Midwest. Hard water season for some, but many do not fish in January. Both ice fishing and those in hibernation (our fair-weather fishers) can improve their fishing with one simple […]

Fish in a Barrel Pellet

Catch More Trout

Trout Pellet & Bait Catapult (Note – this method is so good, it is illegal in some states and on some lakes – check your regulations!). It works that well. Stocked trout fishing around Chicago, Illinois and many states starts up this week! If you want some tips to catch more trout – read a […]

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