Disgorger - Fish Hook Remover in Progress

Disgorgers Return to USA!

Disgorgers Are Back – FishSaver Hook Remover Returns to Tackle Boxes It seems a simple thing to ask for – a disgorger fish hook remover. If you fish for trout, bluegill, crappie, bass or perch using plain hooks- you shouldn’t be without a disgorger. These help retrieve an angler’s hook, even if it is in […]

Shot Plier - Cutter

New Fishing Tools for Spring 2014

New Fishing Tools Just In New Fishing tools make life so much easier. Live Bait Fishing Tackle has been working to provide the finest essential tools to you the angler at a much better price than importing your fishing tackle. Try these new fishing tools common to English and European anglers – their fishing tackle […]

Launcher™ Bait Catapult, Trout Pellet Launcher

Launcher – Bait Catapult

Launcher™ – Bait Catapult Attract some attention – get the waters stirred-up. If you have never tried it- you can use the launcher to fire grubs, spikes and small balls of bread crumb to your fishing spot and  get fish feeding. Try a bait catapult- the Launcher™. For trout, bluegills, perch, crappie, white bass  a […]

Live Bait vs. Artificial bait testing, live bait catches more fish than lures, lures vs. live bait

Does Live Bait Catch More Fish Than Artificial Baits?

We Test Gulp vs. Live Bait Do you want to catch more fish? Well, you should know what works better – lures (artificial baits) or live bait. Which do you think catches more fish in side-by-side tests live bait or artificial bait? Scientific testing on the same water, using equal measures of bait during the […]

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