Trout Fishing Floats

Trout Fishing Floats

Trout Fishing Floats, Bobbers, Wagglers for catching more trout, inland stocked rainbows, brown trout, steelhead & brook trout fishing. Our Floats have been hand-picked by our pro staff based on fishing live bait or flies and giving you the best chance of catching trout.

Trout fishing floats (bobbers) need to be smaller, lighter and thinner than most floats. In order to get the light bite of the trout, your bite indicators need to perform so that they go under easily, show you better “takes” and hook you more trout. Pick any of these trout fishing floats and always use the smallest float your conditions will allow. Shorter casts some times mean the smaller floats and more trout!! Bigger trout fishing floats can on some days- cost you “takes” and the trout will let go of the bait.

In testing with our floats, even on the windy days, smaller floats need to be your choice. While larger floats may get you much more distance, using a tall or long float on trout will result in missed fish. Trout do not take baits hard enough to pull a large float under all the time. Thus, when fishing our floats and reducing the size of your float, you will out-fish others around you 6:1 or even 27:0 as we have on occasion. Find trout fishing floats tips at!

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