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3 lb. Bags on Sale!

Fish in A Barrel pellet helps attract fish with 3 powerful sense-inducing features that catch fish! Buy a 3 lb. bag and get a free fishsaver hook remover!

Use with a bait launcher catapult to fire FIB pellets into wind and far out on the water. Works so good- it is illegal in 3 states!  Check your local regs!


Fish in A Barrel™ – Trout Pellets

Trout pellets – you need to try these.  1lb. bag – Fish in A Barrel trout pellets help attract fish with 3 powerful sense-inducing features. Fish in a Barrel™ offers PredaScent™ predator honing scent carried with the pellets, disperses quickly into the water forming a trail right to your spot. Gets predators tracking, looking and on your hook bait!

  1. Visual vertical movement – fluttering through water gets fish moving in
  2. PredaScent™ scent that gets fish from neutral to curious to feeding
  3. Noise attracts interest, gets fish turned toward you and moving
Fish in a Barrel Fish Pellets

Fish Pellets – Fish in a Barrel launch some and watch your line!

Use with a bait launcher catapult to fire FIB pellets into wind and far out on the water. Launch them high in the air over your float and hook bait and draw the fish into your area. Works great on trout. (Check your local regulations as FIB pellets are so effective, they are banned in Minnesota and most of California!). While they are legal in most other states- check your DNR’s website to see if it states – chumming is illegal.

Introducing 5- 10 FIB trout pellets every 5 minutes over your float or fishing rig will get fish interested in eating and will draw them closer to you. Works great on trout, catfish, carp, bluegill and crappies to draw them out of cover, fish cribs or closer to you on the bank. Bank anglers fishing for stocked trout will love the way the trout respond – even jumping at times in excitement. Fire in pellets, catch more fish.

Comes in a 1 lb. bag – good enough for 1 or 2 fishing sessions on the water. Remember when fishing FIB trout pellets – you need to stay in one place. Feed to one spot and that spot will get hot! Fish will move in on top of the pellet – keep your hook bait small such as spikes or 1/2 red worm or wax worm and you will get more strikes. Make sure your FIB trout pellets are sprinkling over the top of your fishing rig or float – the fish will be circling or swimming and picking up the pellets. With your hook bait in the center of that action, fish are sure to strike it more and be more active. Try some and buy enough for your friends!!

FIB pellets available in 1 or 3 lb. bags. Special – buy 3 bags and get 2 free fish-saver hook removers!
NOTE – some extra shipping is included in these bulk (heavy items)

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Weight 1.9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 8 in


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