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The Live Bait Fishing Tackle Website features the absolute best and most unique live bait fishing tackle, fishing tackle gifts and tools on the web. Hand-selected goods from all over the globe are assembled for you to put together to create awesome live bait fishing tackle rigs.

Within the LIve Bait Fishing Tackle Site you will find a selection of hand-picked goods to easily pick out fishing tackle that will catch many fish near you. The tackle is especially selected to catch the most species across North America. Trout, crappies, bluegills, catfish, perch and carp are among the many species our tackle is selected for.

Many site stock the cheapest bobbers they can buy or only those that make them a lot of money. Our site features great pond, shore, boat fishing tackle with no compromise. We will continue to add great fish-catching tackle at Live Bait FIshing without surrounding our selections with cheap or gimmic tackle that doesn't work. Shape, weight, materials, construction are important in the physics of fish catching.


Great Live Bait Fishing Tackle

Take a look around and assemble a selection of floats, bobbers, books, videos that will help you catch fish. If you have any troubles, don't hesitate to contact us. Here are some of the sections you can head to:

Floats & Bobbers


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Fishing Baits


Fishing Tools

Some of the other ways we break down our bobbers is by distance or specialty. You can also find:

Long Distance Floats


Easy to See Bobbers & Floats


Pole Fishing Floats


Slip Bobbers


Trout Fishing Bobbers