Bait Fishing Tackle Catalog 2020

Live Bait Fishing Tackle Catalog – we’ve got it. Take a look at our latest fishing tackle catalog showing the best fish-catching equipment for everywhere. We have tips, tricks and tackle setups that catch a lot and also huge fish. View our 2020 Catalog – Download Here

Bait Fishing Tackle Catalog

Get a huge advantage on this year’s fish catching – we don’t call it fishing for a reason. The live bait fishing tackle catalog is your advantage to start catching more fish than ever. Download your copy of our little catalog and tap into some great fish-catching gear in an easier-to-read format that you can print out and make notes on in paper form.

Catch More Fish

If you suffer from low catches, boring fishing or lack of confidence, start fresh with our live bait fishing tackle. Start catching fish and then transform your outdoors experience. Our philosophy is to get you on fish, get your line tight and get exciting fishing going in EVERY POND, reservoir and local water near you.

The gear selected for the 2020 Live Bait Fishing Tackle Catalog is from all over the world. Our experience in the field allowed us to hand pick tackle that works on all species of fish even in hard-fishing urban waters.

Pole Fishing Gear

We’ve broken our catalog into two parts – pole fishing for speed fishing and catching the most fish. Mainly smaller fish, with no reel. We have the finest of pole fishing gear for you to catch fish in mass. If you want to catch 40 – 50 fish, this is the style for you. Check out pole fishing in our new catalog.

Spin Casting Gear – Spinning Tackle

We also feature the finest in spin casting gear for fishing on rod and reel from shore or boat. Both methods work in a boat or from a dock and shore. Float fishing is the most sensitive and most popular way of catching lots of fish around the world. Float fishing was made popular in the USA early in its history as George Washington enjoyed live bait fishing with cow quills and delicate float gear on a pole.

Float Fishing Tackle

Float fishing has gone through many changes and had drifted away from its sensitive fish-catching materials and went through a period of plastic-made devices. These plastic fishing bobbers went far away from the original light properties of a proper float. Bobbers became, bigger, rounder and heavier and then also changed shape to detect far fewer bites. The popularity of bass and only fishing for large species of fish, dictated that bobbers not be impacted by subtle bites, smaller bites and a LOT OF FISH MISSED. Round bobbers eventually only would show a fisherman a very small set of takes in the form of big takes.

Our catalog features a much higher degree of sensitive materials and shapes that detect many more bites, faster and more accurately than plastic bobbers. The shapes, light materials and construction will show you that the bait is working, that your rig is not hung on weed or the bottom and will show you many more fish.

Set Your World Record for Catching Fish

Our founder set the record for fishing from shore for 24 hours catching 2,011 fish in one setting. He also has fished in 3 World Championships for Team USA and is a master float angler. The floats presented are those which are easiest for you to use and to catch more fish. Please enjoy our 2020 Live Bait Fishing Tackle Catalog – we plan on adding more tackle and gear for you to catch more fish. Thank you for being a fan! Best Fishes!