Gapen Floats, Feature-Packed

Gapen Pencil Floats

Gapen Pencil Floats are Great For Cold Water and Tough Bites

Gapen Floats Guaranteed

Gapen Floats Sensitive With Features and They Have Warranty Against Breakage

We carry Gapen floats in our store for good reason. First off, the Gapen company is filled with great people who are very nice. Their product is functional, with quality components and very sensitive. Oh ya, it is also warranted against breakage. The company backs the product and will exchange broken floats for good float replacements. Where you buy these floats, all you have to do is ship the parts or bring them to the counter of your store that sells them and the Gapens will make the swap. You have to pick up the shipping charges or be near a retailer that carries them to score your exchange.

One very easy way to swap these is to place an order for some after sending the parts in – allow for delivery time and then place an order with a note. The Gapens want you to use these and be successful and to try these products. With the guarantees, you can feel free to fish these without worry.

All Gapen floats are great floats for catching light bites. The Gapen pencil floats are extra light and very sensitive. They are made of a very soft wood which is light in the air for great casting and light on the water for super-sensitive setup. With enough split shot beneath the float to take it to the thin stem, the float will show you bites even on the lightest bite periods.

As with all quality floats – these tips will help you to get more life and usage out of the floats.

  1. Be Gentle when placing on your line.
  2. Adjust the float sleeve using and holding just the bottom plastic or sleeve (don’t hold the wood float and force the plastic sleeve as the wood can break!).
  3. If you chip the float surface- use clear nail polish to seal the chip – water can soak into the wood
  4. Store floats in a solid container or tube. This protects them in transit.
  5. Avoid walking or transport the float on the rod’s line- bouncing back and forth can damage the float.
  6. Floats feature a quick-connect clasp and sleeve which allows you to remove and store the float while traveling quickly.
  7. Laying a rod down invites getting the float stepped on – a common float-killer. Instead, prop it up, keep the float out of the way.
  8. If you should break the float- keep the pieces!! Collect a couple floats and mail them in for replacement with any order!
  9. For thin-stem floats, get lower to the water level to see it easier. Standing or being too far above the float will make it harder to see. Best to have a  low seated position to see more clearly. Get low.

The floats are very sensitive and will catch you plenty of fish because you can better see the bite (the take). Sensitive fishing floats communicate to the angler what is happening below when properly balanced with shot. To get the best setup, anglers should add enough split shot to stand the float up with less than 1/4 of the float above water. For grubs, worms and plastics, you can fish the floats very low to the water with nearly all of the float below water. If you are using minnows or leeches, you will need to keep a little more float above water so the bait doesn’t swim the float under.

Fish with a light and sensitive float in colder water, get small. The more small you can fish, the more the float will show you the take. You will literally see stronger bites with the small float compared to big round plastic bobbers or slip bobbers.