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We believe in a few things. Not to bug you with too many emails. A couple times each season, we’ll send you some new stuff, information with live bait fishing tackle news. We will send our new tackle feature – showing you great new products we are now carrying. We will feature new products and drop you awesome fishing tip information that will literally Rock Your Boat! There is only one live bait fishing tackle website on the internet – dedicated to all the best products that catch the most fish. We believe in your privacy. We will NEVER sell your information and only will contact you from signing up. Only us, and only with something awesome.

Expert Live Bait Fishing Tackle Knowledge

Our site is driven by expertise like no other fishing website. All of our products are selected by a U.S.A. Fishing Team member. These products are used in competitions and in our fishing school as well as on professional guided fishing trips. The products are tested on their ability to hook, play and net more fish for ALL LEVELS of fishermen. Our expertise includes competing in three world championships of live bait fishing.  Competing on three continents with fifteen  years of competitions and guiding under our belt. Do you want to catch more fish? You have come to the right spot. Sign up for our Live Bait Fishing Tackle newsletter. You can’t find this information anywhere!!

New Live Bait Fishing Tackle Spring Preview

are One reason to sign up for the Live Bait Fishing Tackle News is our spring new tackle preview. We add all sorts of live bait fishing tackle that you have never seen. We find live bait fishing tools, you have never seen or used. These new tools are featured in our newsletter for you. These are essential for helping you to create your own live bait fishing rigs. Watch this closely. We do research each frozen midwest winter season. Our expert does a lot of research.  We add components to our site. Each year we are adding items that will not be found in box stores. Most tackle stores just buy from a catalog.  None of these people know how to properly fish with live bait fishing tackle!

We Fish Hard Waters – Urban Lakes, Reservoirs

Many fishing companies fish easy waters. We don’t just fish for one species in remote or private lakes. Easy lakes are balanced and very few people fish them. These are private lakes, ponds. Any 5-year old could catch fish in those waters. Our team fishes over-fished places. Selected gear is tested with brand new fishers. Our new fisher test ensures we know the gear will catch fish.

This little company is driven.  The Live Bait Fishing Tackle team provides you the best tools. We catch more fish in competitions. We make our own rigs. You will find tools on our site to make your own custom fishing rigs. Match the rig to the bait you fish, and the fish you catch to watch your numbers soar!.