Rip Off Site – Beware

There is a site that sells lures and bobbers along with a bunch of other junk. One user review we had reported that we advertised a special on floats and made it seem like we were giving 3 (instead of shipping 1 float). They claim to be a major city in the U.S. – but they aren’t. Your first clue is they say free shipping to the U.S. and Canada (from where? China).






It is a Crap Chinese Tackle Import website and they copy it in different cities and just paste your city NAME on it. Your first clue that it is not your city – there is a space needle on the shoreline (because it is Toronto).  While we have nothing against China- the products sold are not built, endorsed or sold by experts and they fall in the “junk” category as far as fishing tackle goes.  We say this because people are getting deceived and disappointed.

If the website you visit looked like junk >> and the descriptions are bad – and it shows the images messed up – you might have ended up on that site. A note to you, our prices are better and we use a float fishing expert. The site has a similar name to our sister website (which is ) – but it is NOT.

This junk fishing tackle site has no contact information and only offers an email form where you can send them a note. We have had 2 of THIER disappointed customers send us notes and post online – we have only one affiliate website – and no other.

The floats and bobbers we stock, promote and sell are used by our float fishing experts and friends. Our descriptions are clear and our contact information is clearly listed. If you were ripped off by this other site – we are not affiliated with them and AGAIN- our prices are better, our product is much better and we offer genuine product, product support and instructions. While we are sorry for your loss- please contact us and I will personally give you a discount on your next order THROUGH US! We want you to have a great float fishing and bobber fishing experience.

If you want to catch more fish and larger fish with floats are bobbers, we are always glad to help you out (even if you got ripped off by them or another site).

Shop the best – shop here at You’ll be hooked on us. If you have been ripped off by that other site – we feel sorry for you. Give us the details, become a new customer and we’ll offer you 20% off, better pricing, great service and even give you fishing tips. So sorry for your loss – but, you did end up finding the best website on the internet for catching more fish – ours.