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Bobber Stops with beads are the easiest fastest way to make a slip bobber rig.

Bobber Stops – Slip Float Rig

Bobber stops allow you to rig for any depth. Create a slip float rig quickly with this easy bead and stop knot setup. If you are new to setting up a slip float rig with a bobber stop, this product makes it easy for you.

To make these bobber stops into a slip rig start by running the line through the bobber stop tube (with the bright line). Slide the bobber stop yarn off the plastic tube towards the rod tip. Pull on both ends of the bobber stop knot yarn at the same time. Next, slide on the enclosed bead. The float is added, then split shot and hook (or jig) to complete your slip bobber.

This bobber stop can be with just about every float on our website except the smaller, lighter Gapen pencil floats. These floats require very little shot and might not perform as well as other floats. While many people think the plastic round float with a plastic tube is the best slip float – it isn’t. The best floats for a bobber stop are longer, skinny floats with the ring on the bottom. Having the eye on the bottom, under water allows you to fish in the wind better. Also, on longer floats since the line doesn’t go down the center of the tube (like on the bad plastic bobbers), your line will rarely hang up. Line in the plastic tubes tends to cling and can jam the slipping action needed to fish bobber stops on a slip float rig.

With these bobber stops you can set the depth and change back anytime. If you take your boat out to deeper water, simply slide the knot up towards your rod to fish deeper. You can always slide the knot toward the hook to fish in shallow water.

Great live bait jig presentation – use a small jig along with your slip float rig, to suspend your jig in deeper water. Keep your bait exactly where you want it from the bottom – change the length of line to match the distance you want the bait to be from the bottom, or above rocks, weeds or other structure.


These bobber stops come complete with glow beads for night fishing. The glowing bead will help you to make sure your rig has deployed and will also help you should you need to rig up your bobber stops in the dark. Each bobber stops set comes complete with 5 bobber stops and 5 glow beads! These will allow you to fish a lot of slip rigs and catch a load of fish.

Done with your rig? Simply trim your line, save the bead and leave your bobber stops’ yarn (pink stopper line) on your line and transport everything back. You can always put the bead back on and go back to your slip rig.

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Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 5 in

5, 15

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