Pro Finesse Shorty Jig


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Pro Finesse Shorty Jig

Pro Finesse Shorty Jigs are built for straight-lining baits. Great for drifting or long-casting under bigger floats, the Pro Finesse Shorty Jig jig has a shorter hook shank to lure the fish in tighter on your hook. The Pro Finesse Shorty Jig is designed by Hall-of-Fame Angler, Joe Bucher.

Finesse Shorty Jigs are designed to accommodate smaller live baits such as leeches and fathead minnows as well as shorter soft plastic baits for panfish, perch, finicky trout and walleye. There are many times of the year where smaller baits are needed and preferred by fish. Round head shorty jigs keep everything compact and give you a better chance of hooking up.

These 3/8 oz. jigs allow you to battle wind current, boat drift and allow you to keep your line tighter to detect bites and keep in touch with the bottom. The trouble with lighter jigs in these situation is that your line gets too far on an angle. Anything past 15 degrees is too much for tight jigging- that is where these 3/8 oz. Pro Finesse Shorty Jigs take over.

Great live bait jig presentation – use a small jig, a swivel and a length of leader line tied to this jig head. Keep your bait exactly where you want it from the bottom – change the length of line to match the distance you want the bait to be from the bottom, or above rocks, weeds or other structure. Add a float to your rig and you will be able to fish the exact depths where the fish are at with a few quick adjustments.



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