New Fishing Tackle This Spring

New Fishing Tackle

New Fishing Tackle for Spring like our Finesse Ghost Snell Hooks will catch you more fish.

New fishing tackle this Spring will feature a lot of all-around (all condition, all species) fishing tackle. is adding some new fishing tackle that will help you plain catch fish.

On our radar this Spring are a few things to add to your tackle box. Here is a sampling of some of the great new fishing tackle we will be adding for you to catch more fish.

New Fishing Tackle

  1. Small Fishing Jigs
    Great for adding some weight beneath a bobber or float for casting under docks- adding a small jig will give you a little bit of flash to your live bait presentation. Look for top quality jigs like Freshwater Shrimp and scented plastics that work great with floats.
  2. Great Fishing Tools
    We have added a special pre-order for our new snell knot tyer for tying hooks to leaders. The great tools and fishing tackle accessories for float fishing are being added in the next couple months!
  3. Floats Floats Floats
    We want to be the best float fishing and bobber fishing store in North America! Look for more floats, more bobbers added to our new fishing tackle this Spring
  4. Spinning Reels
    We have a great supplier for a quality spinning reel. Look for our guide-tested spinning reel coming to the site very soon.
  5. Finesse Ghost Hook Leaders
    LiveBaitFishingTackle thinks this will be the most-significant fishing line and hook improvement in years. We will be adding the ultimate in live bait hooks to thin lines which should make trout, crappie, bluegill, bream, carp, perch and walleye anglers get very excited. We win competitions with these hooks because they are fine, they don’t damage your live bait (moves longer under water- catches more fish) and fish hold onto your bait longer when using our thin leaders. Tested, proven fish-catching fish hook and leader combo for fishing on 4lb. main line and 3 lb. main line. You will need the net more often with our new hook and leader snells – they dominate!

Our buyers are headed to the fishing show as this is written to connect with the latest in fish-catching fishing tackle for your spring orders. Order early to get ready for open water fishing.  If you have any new fishing tackle that you wish us to add to our inventory – please contact us via the contact form. We would be happy to look for live bait fishing tackle that scores you more and bigger fish.