Safe Fishing Tackle Shopping – Covid-19 Safe Fishing Tackle

Our shipping and receiving follows strict guidelines and keeps up-to-date daily with proper practices. Any receivables are quarantined before they are added to the shelves. Areas were created early in the process where we keep incoming goods for 48 hours. External boxes are removed outside our facility and the goods are then quarantined in a staging area.

Box handling is done with great care and hands are washed after handling the shipping boxes – we are staying safe to allow you the safest fishing tackle shopping. When boxes leave our facility, every precaution has been taken to prevent any transmission of covid-19 or any other germ.

If you want the safest shopping for fishing tackle during this crisis, you can be assured that using is a very safe bet. Our shipping is handled by only one set of hands so you don’t have to worry about multiple touches or one person being sick and not conveying that. We don’t have a big warehouse with lots of people – we have cut warehousing down to one person to assure that your fishing tackle is clean when it leaves.

Unlike big stores with shipping docks, distribution centers, shelves and fork lifts, we have total control over clean merchandise in and out! Please know that the only set of hands handling your shipment has been sterilized.

Practice safety handling upon receipt by quarantining your package in an area where you know it will not be moved or opened. In transit, the package could pick up a virus when mixing with other packages. When you receive your fishing tackle box – park it where it won’t be moved. The virus only lives a matter of hours – but we park ours for 24 hours just to be on the safe side. Cut open the box and discard – wash your hands for the 20 seconds and use warm water – you will have 100% safe fishing tackle from the cleanest of sources.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to call or email us 630.235.2162 (Johnny) – you can leave a message anytime or email us and we can help you put together a fishing tackle package to catch more fish. Tell us your lake, species of fish and the type of bait you like to use – there is a float setup that will catch more fish by you! Fish close to home, enjoy the outdoors!