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New Fishing Tackle This Spring

New fishing tackle this Spring will feature a lot of all-around (all condition, all species) fishing tackle. is adding some new fishing tackle that will help you plain catch fish. On our radar this Spring are a few things to add to your tackle box. Here is a sampling of some of the great […]

Sad Elf Sale

Sad Elf Fishing Tackle Sale Take advantage of year-end savings in our Sad Elf Fishing Tackle sale and hook savings from 20 – 50% off floats, accessories and select videos while supplies last. Stock up your tackle box with discounted tackle and order enough to share with a friend! Wagglers, casting floats, are great to […]

Launcher – Bait Catapult

Launcher™ – Bait Catapult Attract some attention – get the waters stirred-up. If you have never tried it- you can use the launcher to fire grubs, spikes and small balls of bread crumb to your fishing spot and  get fish feeding. Try a bait catapult- the Launcher™. For trout, bluegills, perch, crappie, white bass  a […]

Gulp vs. Live Bait. Does Live Bait Catch More Fish Than Artificial Baits?

Gulp vs. Live Bait. What do you think? Do you want to catch more fish? Well, you should know what works better – lures (artificial baits) or live bait. Which do you think catches more fish in side-by-side tests live bait or artificial bait? In our Gulp vs. Live Bait testing, we used scientific testing. […]