New Fishing Tools for Spring 2014

New Fishing Tools Just In

New Fishing tools make life so much easier. Live Bait Fishing Tackle has been working to provide the finest essential tools to you the angler at a much better price than importing your fishing tackle. Try these new fishing tools common to English and European anglers – their fishing tackle offers excellent fishing tools for helping the shore and boat angler to fish better, fish faster and catch fish easier. You will find new fishing tools added this month to make your trout fishing, bluegill fishing, catfish angling, perch fishing and crappie fishing that much better.

New fishing tools this month you will find the Launcher – Bait Catapult, Fish Saver™ Hook Remover and an essential tool if you fish with fine split shot – the Shot Ninja™ Split Shot Pliers.

New Fishing Tools - Fish Saver Hook Remover Hook Disgorger     New Fishing Tools - Shot Plier - Cutter   New Fishing Tools - Launcher™ Bait Catapult


Each of  these tools will open doors to your fishing and make things a lot easier.

Fish Saver™ Hook Remover

The Fish Saver Hook Remover Disgorger will help prevent gut-hooked injuries to fish and it can remove any hook – even when you can’t see it down in the fish! Simply tighten your line using the bend of the rod. Hold the fish and slide the notch onto your line and keep line tight. Slide the hook remover down to the hook, bump twist and out comes the hook. This model was used in setting the Illinois 24-hour record for most fish caught in a day (2,011 fish).  Using this tool, you will save so many fish! If it can fit in a fish’s mouth – great for bluegills, trout, crappie, white bass catfish and perch! Any angler that uses smaller hooks will love this! If you fish with kids- this fishing tool is a lifesaver!
Fish Saver Hook Remover

Shot Ninja™ Split Shot Plier

Another tool your fishing life has not been complete with – the Shot Ninja™ Split Shot Plier will help you to put small split shot on the line, adjust them and also can take  a split shot off your line without damaging the line. Every tackle box and rigging box of anyone who fishes live bait should have this tool for working with fine split shot. Shot Ninja™ Split Shot Plier

Bait Catapult – Launcher™

This might look strange but if you have never fished this method using a Bait Catapult, it is one of the most tempting to fish. Use the bait catapult to fire bits of grubs, small bread crumb balls or pellets over the spot you are fishing. Spikes (maggots) sink slowly in the water. Anglers load up a Bait Catapult – Launcher™ and shoot 5 – 10 spikes over their float rig. Fish swim in to snatch up the falling grubs and the bite is on! The best tactic for catching lots of trout, bluegill, perch, crappie and white bass you could ever use. Try this method with quarter-sized moist breadcrumbs and attract attention to your hook bait. Get a Bait Catapult – Launcher™ and try this method.