Safe Fishing Tackle Shopping – Covid-19 Safe Fishing Tackle

Our shipping and receiving follows strict guidelines and keeps up-to-date daily with proper practices. Any receivables are quarantined before they are added to the shelves. Areas were created early in the process where we keep incoming goods for 48 hours. External boxes are removed outside our facility and the goods are then quarantined in a […]

Corn Cob Float

Going Old School – Natural Floats & Bobbers

Going old school with your fishing equipment means that you are going to go back in time with your rig, and probably catch more fish than you would with the plastic (dung) on today’s tackle shelves! Old school tackle was good. It was built out of the proper materials for the job and the physics […]

Gapen Pencil Floats

Gapen Floats, Feature-Packed

Gapen Floats Guaranteed Gapen Floats Sensitive With Features and They Have Warranty Against Breakage We carry Gapen floats in our store for good reason. First off, the Gapen company is filled with great people who are very nice. Their product is functional, with quality components and very sensitive. Oh ya, it is also warranted against breakage. […]


Best Fishing Hook Want the best fishing hook? Winter’s grip has closed off your favorite fishing hole in most cases to the North in the Midwest. Hard water season for some, but many do not fish in January. Both ice fishing and those in hibernation (our fair-weather fishers) can improve their fishing with one simple […]

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