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Live Bait Fishing Tackle – Our Story

You have found the Live Bait Fishing Tackle store – this is a great thing. The tackle was collected from different parts of the world and is assembled to provide the best live bait fishing equipment to you. The founders of this store did all the searching for you and assembled this great collection of fish-catching tackle to give you the advantage on any water and in tough conditions.

New Floats & Live Bait Fishing Tackle

At Live Bait Fishing Tackle store headquarters, we continue to add components to complete your tackle box. We want to add fishing tools and fish-catching components that create the best fishing experience for you. Live Bait Fishing Tackle is a manufacturer and distributor to tackle shops and fishermen all over North America. Visit our store and see all the new products adde for 2015:

1880’s Fishing

Fishing is very difficult in much of the United States and has been since around 1860 when the states were forced to start stocking waters across the country. The number of anglers becomes far too great for the number of fish available on local waters – especially near cities and even small cities. Fast-foward to our time and TV brings anglers to private and remote lakes – where there are more fish and fewer anglers. TV creates a false reality. I realized after fishing for years and having little success that the tackle on shelves of bait and tackle stores, large box stores and even large fishing tackle chains, sell gear that matches TV fishing. The states knew fishing was getting tougher- and fishing gear kept getting dumber.

You can trust that our gear has been tested in the toughest fishing in the U.S. within major metropolitan areas with the highest fishing pressure. This gear catches fish. I personally test all the gear and endorse it to be the best gear, at a great price to help you catch many more fish than you ever have. Those who use the gear have immediate success and improve their catches 1,000 % – 5,000 % improvement over the standard bobbers and hooks sold on the market. This tackle has succeeded on the toughest conditions – and works that much better in areas where fishing is easier or in remote lakes.

177 F.P.H. – Fish Per Hour!

Recent accomplishment with our new and improved Ultra Sense float has topped my personal best 4-hour fish mark at 708 fish caught by one angler on one fish hook with live bait. This mark was made right in Oak Brook Terrace, IL on a public pond from shore- you can’t get much more fishing pressure than in these city waters! The new and improved Ultra Sense float also caught an Illinois record 2,011 fish in 24-hours. While much slower pace than the 177 F.P.H. mark, that is still a load of fish!

Watch this space for the update on this float’s fish-catching numbers. While I can’t promise you will catch 400 fish – wouldn’t it be great if you catch 50 or 100? You can with most any of our float products to make your live bait fishing that much better. Want the record-setting pole rig – you can order the same exact rig here: Custom Pole Rig and we will hand-tie you a setup to set your own catching record!

Bad Invention & Cheap Manufacturing Wrecks Our Fishing

For some 70 years since the invention of plastic (resin) and modern manufacturing, floats in the U.S. went from bad to completely awful. Old school methods from European settlers seemed to disappear along with the fish. American fishing changed with the stocking of sport species like the German Carp, the largemouth and smallmouth bass, salmon, walleye and trout. Fishing no longer became stalking the wary fish – it became cranking in artificial baits for aggressive fish. In the old days, anglers would fish for their bait first and then they would stalk those bigger fish. As bait shops popped up around the country, anglers could purchase their bait. The bite indicators all migrated to catching the aggressive fish. In the late 80’s balsa floats were brought onto the scene by Mick Thill and his floats were much more effective than the round plastic bobbers. Floats came to the market and anglers caught more fish. 30 years later, a new series of floats has arrived on the scene – much more sensitive than the brown balsa floats of the 80’s. These will help you see what you have never seen – see fish takes and fish activity like never before. Hook up on more fish and play many more larger fish than you ever have in your life.

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Catch More Fish (.) Period

New to fishing – you can have success with the Bear Fishing Tackle and all tackle in this shop. Our online shop offers ONLY tackle that helps you to catch fish faster, easier and larger than ever. Outfish everyone on shore and boat – with this tackle. Watch as other anglers think your spot is better – only every spot you fish will be “better” than theirs – or will it? We believe there are many fish there – they just don’t feed aggressively. You can catch the most subtle of feeding fish with the finest tackle on line. You are lucky to have found this site and shop, you will be even luckier when you try out this tackle. I have fishing secrets for you, secret fishing tactics to catch more fish. Look through the store and add anything, with it, you will improve your catches – there you can see the secrets of my success.

Thank you Mr. Mick Thill and the Chicago Fishing League + Club for bringing us floats and inspiring me to fish and now to help others catch fish.

Kind Regards,

Johnny Wilkins - Chicago Fishing School - USA Fishing Team
Johnny Wilkins

USA Fishing Team
Chicago Fishing School
Live Bait Fishing Tackle.com Founder