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Welcome to your new fishing home for the live bait fishing angler . If you are willing to try live bait which is 3 X* more effective than artificial baits in our tests – better than even the “best” artificial baits! We fish with what they EAT!

  • Do you want to know try a superior way to catch fish?
  • Do you need help catching fish?
  • If you struggle to catch fish – this gear will help you out!
  • Improves Fishing & Improves Artificial Bait Angling
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Specialty Bobbers, Floats, wagglers for catching more walleye, crappie, perch, bluegill, trout, carp and catfish

No matter which bait you choose, our tackle helps you fish it, hook more fish with it and land bigger fish using live bait or artificials.

Fish from shore or boat- this is the place to get the best bank angling tackle, pond fishing, lake fishing and river fishing equipment. Take a look through our products – more are coming very soon. If you don’t see it – ask. If you have a question, there are product question forms located to the right of all product – we will gladly help you select the right fish-catching gear to match your situation.

Our customers send rave reviews telling us their catches have gone up 1,000 – 5,000% just by using our tackle to fish. There is nothing like catching fish and this site is dedicated to skipping the junk and getting right to the best of fishing tackle for the rest of us.

For example, take our Ultra Sense Pole & Flipping Float – this float caught over 3,100 fish last season for Johnny Wilkins – Team U.S.A. angler who fishes the tough, urban waters of the Chicago public waters. If he can catch fish near Chicago -you can do even better where you are.

Pick some tackle, group it together, order with a friend and split the shipping – we have great deals on the best tackle. Thank you for stopping by the site!

All of our tackle and goods are backed by a quality guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your tackle, simply write us and we will help make it right for you. If you need help with a rig or setup, we are here for you to help you catch the fish. Drop a line for some advice on your newly purchased tackle.

Live Bait Fishing - ponds, lakes, streams, reservoirs, corn, cricket, leech, minnow, red worm, spike

While artificial baits, flies, plastics can be masterfully presented by skilled anglers to catch fish – we prefer taking the easy route to catching more fish. Fish with actual food and entice strikes more often and easier with our live bait tackle. You are welcome to use our gear with your favorite artificial bait as well because the superior presentation of the bait beneath our floats and bobbers for every situation will catch you more fish. If you have not tried the live bait though – you might be missing out on plenty of fish. Tests prove it out.

*We based this on scientific testing vs. Gulp artificial bait vs. live bait in side-by-side testing. Live bait destroyed the artificial catching 112 fish vs. 35 fish on the same spot in a timed test using identical tackle. Our expert thinks that in another test, the live bait would be even MORE effective! See our Gulp vs. Live Bait test results at our fishing information website .