Bluegill Bobber

Bluegill bobber fishing is the most efficient way to catch bluegills. Using a bobber, bluegill float or bite indicator, bluegill bites can be seen. They have a sharp, crisp bite. The use of a bluegill bobber designed to be light, tall and fast, communicates more bites by big bluegills. A large bluegill will feed with the same or lighter power than small bluegills.

Bluegill Floats

From casting bobbers to pole fishing floats, purchasing the smaller sizes in our collection will offer you the best chance at catching a big bluegill. Bluegill bobber sensitivity comes from light materials and tall design. Ours signal the bluegill bite far better than the average slip bobber. You will detect more takes and be signaled better helping you set the hook at the proper time. Take  it from our expert who owns the record for catching fish from shore in 24 hours – 2,011 fish in one day. The majority of the fish were bluegills from a public pond! Much of our tackle is the best for shore fishing and bank angling.

Bluegill Bobber & Tackle

The tackle we have selected for catching more of your favorite panfish induces accessories, tools and hooks that are the best. So, you catch more fish. Nearly all of our tackle will help you catch more of all species. Bluegill is our favorite.

Bluegill Fishing Rod & Bluegill Pole

Want the absolute best in jigging rods and float rods for bluegill? We have them. The best bluegill-fishing pole that has set several world records. Yes, we have it. The most sensitive bite-detecting jigging rod? Yes we stock that too. Up your bluegill jigging or straight-line fishing game with our IM6 Carbon Bluegill rod. Feel every bite, tick of a weed and every bluegill.

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