Carp & Catfish

Carp and Catfish

Carp and Catfish floats, float rods, bobbers, floats hooks and tools assembled for you. All of our fishing tackle for both carp, catfish will help you catch more. Our best carp float rods are IM6 Carbon – Kevlar pro grade rods – the most sensitive, light and powerful rods made. You will find the power of the rods strong enough to handle your local pond catfish. Our carbon is Boeing aircraft-grade carbon and is the most powerful – yet light rod you will hold.

Carp and Catfish Bobbers

Carp floats we carry are super-sensitive. Our carp and catfish floats range from ultra-sensitive to long-range casting. Carp bobbers we select are all long, thin and light. So, these floats show subtle bites. These bobbers are so sensitive you can see when the carp and catfish are near the hook.

Strike and Play Fish

You will find both our floats and rods combine to be the ultimate for setting the hook. Our Gapen 10 Carbon rod, is 10 ft. of awesome. Built to quickly pick up line for setting the hook. The extra length will help play a vicious carp or catfish run when hooked. The length will quickly pick up line off the top of water, ready for playing your next monster. For playing big catfish and carp, you will find the Gapen 10 rod has a soft tip but powerful center of the blank.

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