Pole Fishing Rig on Winder



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Pole Fishing Rig on Winder

What a deal. Hook, Line, Sinker and a winder for storage all included. This makes a fantastic kid’s fishing rig and is super-safe because of the barbless hooks on these! By the way – you can simply cut this shorter and use it on a spinning rod as a quick fishing setup. Just slide the float down to the shot leave a 2-3 foot length, tie a loop and attach it.

Want a cheap and easy way to rig up a pole or rod and reel setup for live bait? Introducing the very affordable pole fishing rig on winder. A very easy to see float on strong fishing line, should be strong enough to bring down the neighborhood catfish on your pole or rod. Easy to use, ready to fish fishing rig includes size 12 fishing hook, 4 lb. leader line and 6 lb. main line with a float already attached and with split shot weight on the rig.

You can use the pole fishing rig on winder very easily. Step one – put a rubber band one foot from the end of the base of pole. Step two- unwind the rig from the black winder. Step three – place the hook under the rubber band and stretch the line out. Last step- tie the line on the eye of the pole when the line is stretched tight to the rubber band (hook). This will make your rig the right height for catching fish and swinging them in!

For rod and reel fishing – simply tie a loop in the line about 7 or 8 feet above the hook on the float and pole fishing rig’s line. Attach this loop to the line from your fishing reel and you are ready to fish.

The pole fishing rig on winder can be used on telescopic poles, cane poles and on spin casting rod and reel setups. You can also use the pole fishing rig on winder as a hand line if you want to fish it that way – just hold on so you don’t lose the whole thing.


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Weight .1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in

Orange, Green, Yellow

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