Pencil Float – 8″ Balsa Shy Bite


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Pencil Float – 8″ Balsa Shy Bite

Pencil floats from Eagle Claw Shy Bite Balsa, fishes great.  They come in two sizes of either this 8″ float or the other 6″ pencil float variety. This pencil float is a good float for fishing still waters for any species. The 8″ pencil float will cast slightly further than the 6″ with the added weight and will also serve you better in wind to be stable in the water. If you fish larger worms or minnows, the 8″ pencil float is perfect to carry that added weight.

To get the best fish-catching setup with your balsa pencil float, add split shot weight or jig and bait to get this float settled low in the water. Add the weight and balance your float so that only 1/2 of the orange in the tip is showing. Doing this will give you the edge when the fish are taking bait lightly. Thus the Eagle Claw Shy Bite will communicate more takes to you with the proper balance.

Improve your game, switch from tube slip bobbers to these and control your bait presentation for improved catching, better hook-ups and a wind-beating presentation that will out-fish any center tube slip bobber! Learn more about crappie floats, fishing with live bait and catching more fish on the ultimate float fishing radio show – the Fishing School.

Pencil float fishing helps you to suspend the bait, offering a more tempting bait presentation. This stick float will help you to cast up against structure and suspend the bait over the top or on the sides. You can fish over the top of weed beds and drift baits past using these fine walleye floats.

Tall, thin pencil floats made of wood react in the water better than plastic with more movement because of their light build. They pop upward, move around and signal to the angler better, allowing you to react to takes. Fish more confidently using a premium balsa pencil float by Eagle Claw.

Balsa Pencil Float | Stick Float

This stick float will outperform the old center tube plastic floats in both slip-bobber fishing and in beating the wind. A much more sleek and sensitive design allows the angler to burry the line beneath the water by attaching to the base of the float – no line out the top of the float means a much more steady presentation which the fish will respond to vs. the line-out-the-top slip tube bobbers.

Constructed with South American balsa wood, the float includes both float eye and controller rubber band, one of the sensitive balsa floats on the market today. Fluorescent red float tips, set high above float, create easy visual contact for the angler who works live bait such as leeches, crappie minnows, spikes, red worms, cut crawlers, crickets and dead bait, for species such as bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye, catfish and big game species.



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