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The Gapen pencil bobber is a very sensitive casting float. Use this when bite detection is key. Use with small baits, grubs or even small minnows. Excellent float for calm conditions. The Gapen pencil float will work with your casting gear from shore and boat.

Pencil Bobber - Gapen Pencil Bobber

Balsa Sensitive Pencil Bobber Casting Float Made by Gapen co.

Pencil Bobber

Pencil bobber by Gapen is ideal for casting to crappies, trout, perch, bluegill, walleye and bass. The pencil bobber from the Gapen Fishing Co. offers excellent fishing a bite detection. Improve your bite detection to catch a lot of fish. The bobber is suited for spin gear and short or medium casts. The pencil bobber offers quality that LBT’s anglers and fans demand.

Featuring old-school graduated ring yellow and black paint job, this bobber is built to offer you a great fishing solution. Use for fishing small minnows, wax worm, leech, spike, particle baits or jigs.  When you require fine bite detection, this bobber delivers. Great for shallow water, cold front and cold water live bait fishing, these bobbers can be shotted low to the tip for grub baits. You can also line up the stripes in the yellow section to fish swimming live bait such as leech or small minnows. This deluxe approach to painting the pencil float offers anglers choices.  You can switch from redworm to waxwork, to minnow without changing floats or shot.

Most Sensitive Float for catching: Crappie | Bluegill | Perch | Trout | Catfish | Carp | Bass | 

Pencil Bobber Tips

When fishing our pencil bobber, be sure to use a quality split shot. We recommend Anchor or Super Duex brands to properly sink the float. For optimum performance with your baited hook no more than 1/2 inch of the float should be above the water. Use slightly less shot and more float tip above the water for swimming baits so they don’t take the bobber under.

With the new Slip-N-Lock fish this pencil bobber slip-bobber style or lock it in place on your line.  Switch from slip float to fixed bobber by moving the slider at the base of your bobber. This feature allows you to switch float sizes. If you need more casting distance or the if wind kicks up, easily switch to a bigger float. You should also have a 7″ Pencil Bobber in your tackle box in case the wind picks up.  With the bigger float you can cast a little further.

The bobbers are made with South American balsa wood. Each bobber includes a quick line attaching device. They are built with a tough through glass stem. Gapen’s floats are the strongest, most sensitive balsa floats on the market. These bobbers are Gapen’s Fishing and are made in Hungary. Gapen’s floats are the WORLD’S FINEST in quality and performance. The floats are constructed with quality epoxy paint and finished with premium clear varnish. Gapen fishing bobbers are fitted with newly-patented snaplock attach and release devices. Fluorescent red bobber tips, set high above float, create easy visual contact for the angler.  Fish live bait such as chubs, fatheads, sucker minnows, shad, worms, crickets and dead bait. These floats are a must for species such as bluegill, crappie, bass, walleye, catfish and big game fish.



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