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The corn cob float is a work of art, natural beauty and it is a functional bobber. These bobbers are fish-catching machines.  Fisherman have been catching fish on natural bobbers for over 100 years! Whether you want to have some very cool artwork, framing your corn cob float or you wish to cast and fish it – you will love these!

Beer Can Bobber – Miller Light

The beer can bobber is a thing of art, something to have a laugh at and despite it’s natural beauty, and it is a functional bobber. These larger beer can bobbers are fish-catching and attention-getting machines. Whether you want to have some very cool keepsake, change your luck on a bad fishing day or you wish to cast and fish it – you will love these Miller Light Bobbers!

Cast one out and watch your beer can bobber float around on the water waiting for big fish to strike. Rub it in to your buddy by hooking the biggest fish of the day on a beer can!

Buy a couple for your tackle box or a big party weekend or as a fishing gift for a buddy.

Our Beer Can Bobbers are limited in quantity and are available on a first-come, first serve basis. This miniature beer can is the size of a smaller slip bobber and comes with a spring bobber connector. Because of our expert float fishing and bobber staff – we also noticed that you can rig this beer can bobber up slip-style and fish it as a slip float by threading the line through the hole beneath the spring! It’s even a slip float?! Come on.

No tackle box is complete without these unique pieces of Americana. These are NOT filled with Miller Light beer – you will need to supply that on your own.

Keep this hidden the next time you go fishing. Bring the beer can bobber into play when you need a secret weapon to out-catch and embarrass your friend, this is perfect. The Miller Light Bobber does especially well with any spin cast setup. Your friend will laugh and first, and then might cry when you catch more fish than his go-to bobber. If your pal is worthy, you might purchase a second Miller Light Beer Can bobber to offer as a gift. (Or as the 2nd place award for the loser).

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