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Ultra Sense – the sensitive fish-catching live bait float that will improve your fishing. This will fish better than any of your

My most sensitive fish-catching live bait float to-date. In 2012, this float has caught over 1,500 fish in our test sessions including a whopping 533 fish in 4 hours. One angler – a pile of fish, caught on our .5 gram – 1505 Pole Float – USPF05.

Use this float when there is a slightly more wind, this float offers more stability in a slight chop, very slow-moving or still water on a spin-casting rig with 8 foot – 10 foot rod (for best results) and you will not believe how many fish you can catch. My customers rate this float the highest and report their fishing improving 10 – 50x vs. their fishing with other floats. This is the float that made us invent the phrase – Fish Per Hour (F.P.H.) . The 1508 Float is rated at over 100 F.P.H. ! This float is ideal in tough-bite conditions, clear water, shallow water fishing for top results. Great Summer float for fishing on a cane or telescopic fiberglass pole.

Our new line of floats brings a sensitivity unparalleled by any bobber or float from a U.S. company – (.) period. You haven’t fished until you have rigged one of these up. Requires fine, high-quality shot for the perfect setup.

Great tournament, derby and course fishing float – all species fishing.

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