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Virtual Fishing Guide  – Custom Fishing Help

Rent Your Virtual Fishing Guide / Custom Online Fishing Help

Who is this for? All fishermen, women, children, moms, dads, grandparents, newbies and even experienced fishers.

What will this do? You will save money on fishing tackle, get a list of items to purchase that will catch you fish in YOUR WATERS. You will hook fish (and then learn to land them).

Why purchase virtual guide help? Helps you to get ONLY tackle that catches, and will save you piles of money vs. buying unused lures, gear that doesn’t catch.

  • Receive, custom diagram of areas to fish (email me your lake map- depths).
  • Suggestions on live baits to use
  • Tips on different species
  • Diagram of Custom Built Rig / Fishing setup for Rod/Reel – Spin Casting or Pole Fishing
  • 20-Page Book to Help You Catch More Fish!
  • Audio fishing tips included in your documents.
  • VIP Experience includes 10 minute phone consultation to review your new “secret weapon setup” . 
  • Species Covered: Bluegills, Bream, Crappie, Perch, Walleye, Trout, Channel Catfish, Carp, Goldfish, Koi, Shiner, Nano – Micro, Tankara 
  • Types of Fishing: Covering Pole Fishing / Rod & Reel Fishing (Spinning Reels)
  • Waters Covered: PONDS, Lakes, Reservoirs, Slow Streams, **Clear Water, ** Dirty Water
  • Fishing Locations: Shore Fishing or Boat Fishing Tips
  • Bait: Live Baits, Fish Attractants, Particle Baits, Loose-Feeds
  • Fresh Water Fishing
  • Shore Solutions (or boat help).
  • Speedfishing
  • Powerfishing 
  • Jigging


How it works. Purchase the virtual fishing guide session for you or as a gift. An email will be sent to you with instructions. Fill in the instructions and email back. You will receive your guided session answers within one week (or on your schedule).

VIP Phone sessions will be set up by appointment and on your (our) schedule. Your custom answers will be sent back to you along with specific gear list, 25% off coupon for tackle and links to gear that will help on your water.



Fishing Guide: 

3-Time Team USA World Championship Fisherman and U.S. Open Runner-Up Johnny Wilkins helps you to quickly have success hooking and catching more fish and bigger fish. Save lots by buying ONLY the fishing tackle you need to match your water and the fish you are after. Johnny will research your water, take your questions and formulate a list of equipment you should get, add, or adjust – and create custom rigs that will work best for you. Very specific illustrations will help you to create “secret weapon” setups to catch near you. You may share them with friends and family – OR simply destroy them with your new improved fish count and fish like a spy.

Virtual Fishing Guide Session includes a 25% off coupon that you can use to purchase your fishing tackle. Illustration, rig diagram, specific product laundry list including links and a massive coupon are all included in your virtual guiding session. A document with recorded tips, tricks and setup info will be included in your documents.

Want more? Upgrade to VIP Guide experience and you can even talk with Johnny about your new “secret weapon” setup after it arrives in an exclusive 10-minute session. Before or after you fish with your new equipment. Do send pictures and do send a guide tip when everything comes up fish!


The virtual fishing guide makes a great fishing gift.

Purchase this as a gift and receive a printable gift card with instructions on how to redeem your online guided session. The new fisher or experienced fisher will receive help that is NOT available anywhere. Because your help comes from a live bait fishing expert who has appeared in 3 World Championships for the United States Fishing team – the help is one of a kind. Adults, kids, families, friends will show you pictures of fish they catch. Since no one, no books and no videos show the methods taught – there is no other opportunity for you to learn like this. Specific products, diagrams and fishing rig setups will be delivered that MATCH the fish you want to catch. Read the list of fish above and get answers you need. The information from your lake, pond, reservoir will be reviewed, researched and put together in a solution for your fisher (or you).

Words from your Virtual Guide

“I have seen many fishing publications, tv shows and videos and a lot of them steal something from the same sources. Many, tell you the same old stuff over and over and use generic structure diagrams just to sell a lure or bunch of lures. Fish don’t eat plastic, and all of those fishing shows use 3-5 days of fishing to squeeze into :15 minutes of highlights. This fakes the results, it is a sham, and a hoax. When the average person fishes, we get a couple hours – not several days. The shows also have a crew, multiple boats and local experts fanning out over a lake for answers. The only place we can get answers is from some type of online expert (unless you have a crew and multiple people fishing the days leading up to your fishing time).”

Real World Fishing

My expertise is in going to a strange lake I have never fished, sitting on the edge of that lake, pond or reservoir and being able to pull out fish using only 3-4 hours’ time. Never having fished the water, I can catch fish nearly everywhere, every time. I have done this all over the world, catching up to 8 species of fish because the methods I use work. Competitions I have fished make me use one hook, one rod or one pole at a time. With a little bit of help, you can use the same methods with your fishing gear, make a few modifications (or start fresh) with my information.  I used to go out fishing for eight hours and catch very few fish. After traveling the world and competing against the world’s best, I can now catch a bag of fish in 4 hours that I can’t even lift by myself. Read more about our fishing tackle store, the reason we are. Our regional teaching site where I have been teaching people to fish since 1999 visit here.

This help works best for those that fish a lot but seldom catch much. It also works for people that are just starting to fish. For those that lie and exaggerate their catch, you too can use this service. It is so much more fun to show real pictures instead of making some story up. Together we will fix that. My expertise turns your local ponds into great adventure and furthermore you will drive less, catch more and brag with your photos. Simple.-

– Johnny

Johnny Wilkins
Current Shore Fishing World Record
24-hour ((Shore)) Record Holder – 2,011 fish caught!
USA Fishing Team
Fished in 3-Time World Championships
Live Bait Fishing Expert




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