Pole Fishing Rig on Winder – Premium


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Pole float rig, float, hook, leader and split shot on winder. Ready to fish, just tie it on with a big loop and start catching fish!! Best way to catch fish – even on tough bite days! (colors, styles vary).

Pole Fishing Rig on Winder – Premium

Pole Float Rig – Premium 5 lb. main line, 3 lb. leader line – Size 14 hook.

Get a couple of these and catch a lot of fish. This is for expert fishers and for parents who want to be their kid’s heroes. Tie one on, set the depth, bait the hook and catch, catch, catch!

** Huge tip – with this rig – you NEED TO purchase one or two FishSaver hook removers! You will hook fish and you WILL NEED the FishSaver hook removers.

Our CFS Pole rig comes complete with split shot, silicone tubes and strong float. This all comes on a winder for storage and transport. (( Note – colors, styles will vary)) – these are small pole rigs for speed fishing on telescopic poles (or close-range casting on spinning gear).

The easiest and fastest way to get fishing and catch a lot of fish (and big fish)! Our pole float rigs are tested tough and they are ready to go. Simply attach with an overhand knot to your pole or fish the pole rig on a spin cast rod and reel for a super-sensitive fishing setup. The main line is 5 lb. and the hook length (leader is 3.5 lb. with a small hook). The hook is designed to fish grubs, spikes, half red worm or wax worms with ease. Our small hooks are size 14 and smaller, and are suitable for fish up to 13 lb. (to catch a fish that big, you need to be attached to a spinning reel and manually use the drag or set the drag appropriately).

This will be the best bream, bluegill, perch, crappie and trout float you have ever fished. When the rig is set to fish on the bottom – it makes a fantastic carp and catfish rig that will show you every bite.

Our pole float rigs can be fished on 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 foot poles, take-apart poles and also on spinning rods. We recommend a 9 ft. rod or longer to cast and use this float rig.

Using the pole float rig, you will ALWAYS want to net larger fish IN THE WATER as the breaking strength of the leader (hook length) will not support large fish out of water. Never lift a decent-sized fish out of the water.

The combination of all the components adds up to a bite indicator that senses virtually everything from the smallest bite, to a fish swimming “near” your hook. In time, fishing these rigs, you can even identify which species of fish is taking your hook.

Guaranteed to get you more fish hook-ups, more takes which means more fish. Connect this rig using an over-hand loop knot to either your pole or you can throw a loop in 4 – 6 lb. spin casting line and connect this rig. The floats will cast a short distance – but generally should be fished within the first 20 feet in front of you.


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Assorted Pole Float

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