Easy See Bobber Panfish Float


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Easy-See panfish float for spin casting float, inexpensive balsa body float for perch, bluegill, trout, crappies and any fish. Large float top helps angler to see float easier.

The Easy See bobber panfish float is a thicker tipped casting balsa float with an oversized stem to help you see the float better. Great for anglers with vision trouble who have problems seeing their bobber or float.

This 3 gram easy see bobber float will reach short-to-medium range cast situations with a thicker top which allows the angler to fish with a little larger target to spot on the water. Great bobber / float for fishing grubs, small minnows, small leech or for casting the shore with fly & float tactics, artificial plastics, small jig – very versatile float. Affordable small float offers easy-to-spot float good for new anglers, kids and everyone.

Add a float connector for a great float rig which will allow you to swap out for any other float should the wind pick up or if you need to get further out on the water.

Add enough split shot or jig weight to this float in the water so that the float rests on the thicker orange top even with the water. For easier seeing, simply reduce the split shot and show more stem / antenna so the float rides higher up in the water.

The Easy See Bobber can be fished as a slip bobber which will be more sensitive than other slip bobbers on the market – based on the line beneath the water and much less material sticking above water. Other slip bobbers have a big plastic tube above the water and they tend to tip over – not showing bites. The Easy See bobber will rest straight up and down at all times except when a fish strikes the bait or your hook is resting on the bottom or in weed – everything else is a fish pick-up.


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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 2 × 1 in

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