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The OG – Trout Fishing Kit has everything that you need to crush trout and get the advantage vs. their ultra-light bite. In your OG Trout Fishing Kit, you will receive floats perfectly matched to catching trout. These float work in eddies and slow-moving streams, but also work fantastic in ponds, lakes and reservoirs.

Pick the Johnny Outdoors OG Trout Fishing Kit and add your favorite live bait or artificial bait beneath one of our floats. The trout fishing kit contains a selection of floats for short and medium-range casting perfect for most any water. Simply add a float, balance with split shot so the float rides low in the water with your bait (at home using a tall container and water), and then tie a leader to our high-quality hooks and use the swivels we provide beneath your main line to connect the leader. We recommend either 4 lb. or 6 lb. main line and then either 3 lb. or 4 lb. leader section to your line. 80% of your split shot should be up the line beneath the float. 15% of the shot goes right above the swivel.

Your new best trout weapon will include 22 pieces:

  1. Plano ProLatch Tackle Box
  2. 5” Gapen Pencil Float
  3. 7” Gapen Pencil Float
  4. 6” Shy Bite Stick Float 
  5. 6” Gapen Bream Bobber  
  6. FishSaver Hook Remover 
  7. 4 – Pro Line-Saver Swivels
  8. 1 – Owner Mosquito 14

Our trout fishing kit system includes all you need to catch light-biting trout! Use our rigs guide to make sure you have the right setup. These kits are created by Chicago Fishing School’s Johnny Wilkins – Johnny Outdoors – he fishes these exact setups, floats and hooks to limit out on trout. A great trout fishing tip – don’t set the hook at the first sign of movement! Trout are known to grab the tip of the bait (and not the hook). If you miss a fish strike on these trout, you have struck too early. The trout will often not have the hook yet, count to 3 and if your float is still down or swimming in a direction, lightly bump in the opposite direct to tighten the line and get some fishing in.

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