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Owner Mosquito Hook – Ultimate Live Bait Hook

Owner Mosquito Hook – by Owner is the best live bait hook you can use. A 12-pack of Owner Mosquito hooks from Owner Fishing are a great choice for every angler.  These hooks have been picked as the best, all-around live bait fishing hook available. An Owner hook is the important part of you fishing rig. Size 14 is great for fishing spikes, wax worms and red, or nightcrawler worm pieces. The Owner Mosquito fine wire hook keeps bait moving longer. The hook tip does less damage to your bait. Moving bait equals more and larger fish vs. artificial baits. (From our side-by-side testing Live Bait vs. Gulp using Owner Mosquito Hooks).

Selecting live bait fishing hooks is easy. The smaller the number, the LARGER the hook is. If you want the most stealthy fishing hook, select smaller than you think because it is lighter and will hold on big fish. Steel hooks are very strong. Size 14 for example will work for a 15 lb. fish even though it is the size of your small finger nail. The angler must be careful playing that fish – BUT, you will hook up many times more by using the smaller hook! Double-edged sword. Our thought is, use the smaller hook as it is better to hook up six times and lose two fish than to hook up only once with the bigger hook.

Owner Mosquito Live Bait Hook Selection Guide

You CAN match the hook to the bait. Here is a Owner Mosquito Hook selection guide:
Small – Size 14 – Wax Worm, Leaf Worm, Spike (maggot), Small Powerbait, Single Corn, Cut Crawler Chunk
Small – Size 12 – Small Crappie Minnow, Leech, Wax Worm, Spike (maggot), Small Powerbait, Single Corn, Cut Crawler Chunk, Cricket
Medium – Size 10 –  Crappie Minnow+, Leech, Wax Worm, Multiple Spikes (maggot), Powerbait, Double Corn, Half Crawler, Cricket
Large – Size 8 (NEW) – Medium Minnow, Large Leech, two Wax Worms, Large PowerBait, Double Corn, Crawler, Crawfish Tail

This live bait hook is ultra-thin, forged steel strong. With these, you can fish most any species of fish with its size and strength. Use larger hooks for heavier fish. We catch 15 lb. fish with a size 10, size 12 & size 14 Owner Mosquito hooks. Anglers like the performance of the Mosquito hook. The hook is small enough to get picked-up by fish without detection. Owner Mosquito hooks are the best fish hook  to put on your line. Mosquito hooks are thin and powerful. Landing larger fish should require a fishing net to lift the fish’s weight from the water. Lifting a larger moving fish from the water may result in a lost fish and a bent hook. Net your fish! Don’t lift a big fish from the water. Our competition anglers use these hooks. We net a LOT of fish!

This live bait hook can get inside the fish’s mouth, I mean, that’s it’s job. Use this tool and your swallowed hook will slide out easily using our FishSaver hook remover!

Live Bait Hook - Owner Mosquito Hook

The best live bait hook – keeps bait alive longer and more active. Fish prefer moving, live bait.

Mosquito Hook

Above all, these live bait hooks are really Sharp. Owner Mosquito Hooks feature chemically sharp hook points. They include a fine bait-holder barb. These black finish hooks are quality high carbon steel. It’s strength and performance make it the top hook  choice. These hooks are great for catching fish.  Ideally the perfect hook for trout, panfish, bass, walleye, perch, crappie or any species in your waters.

Great Live Bait Hook Fishing Setup

Owner Mosquito Bait Hook used as a live bait hook is usually snelled to a 6″ to 10″ line.  Fine, thin leader material teamed with this hook, really improves your chances. The most critical portion of your fishing rig is the hook and leader line in contact with the fish’s face and mouth. Use the lighter Mosquito hooks in size 14 with a fine 2 or 3 lb. leader. Mosquito hooks help to get many more hook-ups. Once you have the best hooks, pair a thin line with a similar thickness to your main line (on the reel or pole). Example, we like to have a 4 lb. main line on the reel or pole and 3 lb. on the leader. With this, we would connect via loop knots.

Hook Snell Tool

You need to tie these fine hooks. And, you should use a tool for the small ones. With that, we highly recommend using the Hook Snelling Tool.  Thus, the Snell Ninja  helps you grasp the hook and tie the ultimate snell knot. With this Snell Ninja, is a vise clamp to hold your hook. With the Snell Ninja you can quickly snell and create a custom snell. Snells offer ultimate fish-hooking leverage.

Connect Snell to Fishing Line

Create an overhand loop (learn the loop here). With this, you can connect right to that loop. You can add a two-sided swivel to that loop. After you make the loops, connect the snelled hook to the swivel to eliminate line twist caused by reeling in bait. Line can twist in the water using a float.  Thusly, we use a swivel connected to your main line and create a stronger connector and prevent cut-offs.

Try snelled hooks with your live bait fishing! Learn more about crappie floats, fishing with live bait and catching more fish on the ultimate float fishing radio show – the Fishing School.

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