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The Trout Fishing Kit!

Your trout fishing kit includes trout attracting Fish in A Barrel pellet, pellet launcher, two floats – and helps attract fish with 3 powerful sense-inducing features that catch fish! Buy a trout kit and receive a free FishSaver™ Hook Remover now through the end of trout season!

Comes with hand-selected trout-catching bobbers – the best trout fishing floats you can buy.


The Trout Fishing Kit

Fish in A Barrel™ – Trout Pellets, Pellet Launcher & Best Trout Fishing Floats

Your kit features the best trout pellets, the trout pellet launcher and two great trout floats. This is the system we use when out hunting trout in ponds – stocked and natural trout. Fish in a Barrel™ offers PredaScent™ predator honing scent carried with the pellets, disperses quickly into the water forming a trail right to your spot. Gets predators tracking, looking and on your hook bait!

Save $3.75 by purchasing these all as a kit.  Kit includes TWO top trout floats for sensitive bites, FishSaver™ hook remover, 1 lb. of Fish in a Barrel™ Trout Pellet and the Launcher™ pellet catapult. This is the same system used by top shore (and boat) trout anglers! This is the ultimate fish-calling 5-piece trout kit.

You need to try these.  1lb. bag – Fish in A Barrel trout pellets help attract fish with 3 powerful sense-inducing features.

  1. Visual vertical movement – fluttering through water gets fish moving in
  2. Scent that gets fish from neutral to curious to feeding
  3. Noise attracts interest, gets fish turned toward you and moving

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Launcher™ Bait Catapult - Trout Catapult

Pellet Launcher™ Bait Catapult fires trout-attracting pellets out into the water – calls them into your hook!

Trout Pellet Launcher

With your bait launcher  pellet catapult, you fire FIB pellets into wind and far out on the water. Launch them high in the air over your float and hook bait and draw the fish into your area. Works great on trout. (Check your local regulations as FIB pellets are so effective, they are banned in Minnesota and most of California!). While they are legal in most other states- check your DNR’s website to see if it states – chumming is illegal.

Trout Fishing Pellets Fish in a Barrel

Introducing 5- 10 FIB trout pellets every 5 minutes over your float or fishing rig will get fish interested in eating and will draw them closer to you. Works great on trout, catfish, carp, bluegill and crappies to draw them out of cover, fish cribs or closer to you on the bank. Bank anglers fishing for stocked trout will love the way the trout respond – even jumping at times in excitement. Fire in pellets, catch more fish.

Fish in a Barrel™ offers PredaScent™ predator honing scent carried with the pellets, disperses quickly into the water forming a trail right to your spot. Gets predators tracking, looking and on your hook bait!

Trout Pellets - Fish in a Barrel Fish Pellets

Fish Pellets – Fish in a Barrel launch some and watch your line!

Comes in a 1 lb. bag – good enough for 1 or 2 fishing sessions on the water. Remember when fishing FIB trout pellets – you need to stay in one place. Feed to one spot and that spot will get hot! Fish will move in on top of the pellet – keep your hook bait small such as spikes or 1/2 red worm or wax worm and you will get more strikes. Make sure your FIB trout pellets are sprinkling over the top of your fishing rig or float – the fish will be circling or swimming and picking up the pellets. With your hook bait in the center of that action, fish are sure to strike it more and be more active. Try some and buy enough for your friends!!FIB pellets available in 1 or 3 lb. bags. Special – buy 3 bags and get 2 free fish-saver hook removers!

Fish In A Barrel Trout Pellet Attractant (and other species!)
Trout Pellet Instruction Sheet

Gapen Pencil Bobber Float

Balsa Sensitive Bobber Casting Float Made by Gapen co. is the best trout catching float you can get. Shows the light bite!

Trout Fishing Bobbers by Gapen

Last but not least- included in your trout fishing kit are two of our best and most-sensitive trout fishing floats. These two balsa bobbers are light and responsive. Best reaction to the subtle trout bite – these floats will catch when other fishermen just stare at their bobbers. Your trout bobbers WILL pick up the bites and get you more hook-ups. The 5″ and 7″ pencil bobbers from Gapen are included. These floats are ideal as they can connect and slip onto the line with the patented sleeve-connect system – you can switch floats while you are fishing without re-rigging!

How To Fish: Set up your float with split shot in a bucket at home. Balance your floats to the last line in the yellow by adding small split shots. 90% of your float should be down in the water. I try to get the float balanced to the thick black line beneath the orange stem. Beneath your split shot add a swivel. After the swivel, add your hook leader line (12″ of premium line – see below for tips).

Add a small hook (use our Snell Ninja™ tyer to make the ultimate hook leaders) size 12, 14 are best. All this is set up at home and then rubber-banded to your rod. You can remove the float for transportation to protect your float! When you arrive at your fishing spot, add the float back on and cast out after baiting up. The float should sit low in the water with the bait on it. Note the cast distance!

You will cast to this same spot ((do not move)). Fire pellets at your float target with the launcher. I usually pick a reference on the far shore to aim my cast and make sure I am fishing over the FIB trout pellet! Be accurate. You can fire pellet higher in the air until fish arrive. You will know they are there if you are starting to catch fish. Note that I sometimes start catching bluegills first and then the trout arrive!! Shoot FIB Pellet every 5 minutes until fish arrive. Once they are there, reduce the number of pellets to just 3 pellets. Shoot or throw your 3 pellets right over the float.

Act fast when they arrive, trout can travel in groups. Be sure to keep firing pellet so they stay there. Best hook bait is the spike (bait store maggot). These are similar size to the FIB and they simply are the favorite trout-catching bait our pros use. If you get takes and your float goes down, you set the hook and there is no fish- good! These are trout. Wait the next time the float goes under and give a 4-count. If you see the float rise up again before the 4-count – good, these are the trout biting shy. You will be the only one on the lake to catch today! Count again as the trout usually return to attack the rising spike. Set the hook after your next 4-count!

Special tip: when hooking this float on the line – hold your thumb at the base of the float hook and slide the float sleeve down on the line. When handling these floats – don’t force and stress the body of the float, adjust the bottom of the float- hold the bottom fiberglass when adjusting the sleeve. This little tip will save you from breaking the soft balsa body – and will help you to keep your floats a lot longer!! If you ever do break your float- save the pieces and you can ship back a smashed float to Gapen for a replacement- simply include the shipping to get your replacement floats at

Clear Water Trout Fishing Tip: trout have excellent eye sight. Two things will help you to get more takes and more trout in clear water. First, get yourself some thin Flouro carbon lines in 2, 3 or 4 lb. test strength. Ice fishing lines are excellent for trout. The flouro carbon is more clear than water so it will disappear and not be seen by your trout. Next, find smallest steel hooks for your live bait. Live bait out-catches fake baits and foam baits! Use smallest, thin, strong hooks in sizes 12, 14 with two spikes or a wax worm. Lastly- make sure your bait is fresh. Moving bait is the key to catching these fish when others don’t! Change your hook bait every :15 minutes and catch many more trout this spring.

NOTE – some extra shipping is included in the bulk (heavy items).

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