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Add split shot quickly and move them on the line. Never again have to bite split shot off your line or squeezing shot tight with your teeth. The Shot Ninja™ Hook Tyer adds, adjusts and removes split shot in a wink.

Hook Tyer – Snell Ninja™

Hook Tyer –  the Snell Ninja™ is HERE! In stock and ready-to-tie your own – custom leaders. Match the thickness of line to the exact hook you want – the key to catching more fish.

This hook tyer will help you to create your own custom-made leaders! Save money and make the exact leader thickness, length and use your favorite hook. The Snell Ninja™ hook tyer holds the hook and ties a really quick hook leader to catch more fish.

Small hooks are the key to catching more and larger fish. The Snell Ninja™ Hook Tyer helps hold even the tiniest hooks while you tie on your favorite fishing line leader. Make your own snell leaders and catch more fish.

Never buy another pack of expensive leaders with cheap hooks and bad, thick fishing line. Use the Snell Ninja™ Hook Tyer to literally whip together a bunch of leaders for your next fishing trip.

Crappie fishermen, bluegill fishermen, live bait trout fishermen, salmon, steelhead and walleye fishermen know the keys to catching more and larger fish. Make custom leader snell and use stealth fishing rigs. Now you can pick the length, strength and quality of fishing line to make way better leaders.

How to Use a Hook Tyer:

Here are some hook tying tips for making snell leaders. The Snell Ninja™ Hook Tyer is easy to use for everyone. Kids, beginners and fishing experts will love this tool. The keys to easy and fast hook tying with this tool are:

  1. Put hook into Snell Ninja and twist clamp wheel to tighten. Bend of hook gets pinched in end of the tool. Hook shank aligns with metal wrap bars.
  2. Make a loop of line around the back post-leave 8-12″ tail of line next to hook.
  3. Keep the line from the spool tight (just not loose). You may want to put a book on the spool for tension or hold the fishing line spool in your knees to provide tension to the line. I find the line that wraps will be pinched in fingers and the line will go through the fist / palm for tension.
  4. Spin tail of line around the hook shank and spool line (by rotating the tool in your other hand) – spool line should be tight and parallel to the tool. Tail end of line should be at 90 degrees. Hold line stationary and spin the tool to wrap snell on hook shank 5x or 6x. This will mean 10 or 12 half-turns of the tool.
  5. After spinning your line around the hook,  pinch the line/ or trap line against hook shank to keep the knot neat (this prevents unraveling). I use the thumb that is on the hand holding the tool.
  6. Wrap tail line around the FIRST metal bar (closest to hook). Keep thumb pressed on wraps!
  7. Moisten the whipped knot before you pull the line tight – this protects light lines and fluorocarbon lines from “burning” or “heating” which can weaken the line.
  8. Push both metal bars down.
  9. Pull tool away from spool, lines will contract to hook.
  10. Twist lock wheel to free hook and pull line to tighten – pull line out of tool and knot is finished.
  11. Practice until you get clean wraps on hook shank! With practice you can snell a hook in :30 seconds to one minute. Neatness counts and once you get the hang of it, you can fill up your supply while watching a show!

Once you get the hang of it and  you handle the tension – you can make a pack of leaders for fishing while you watch an episode of your favorite show. A how-to video will be available next week to help you use the Snell NINJA Hook Tyer.

When we go fishing, we usually create leaders for different fish, different waters. If the water is clear, we use fluorocarbon (clearer than water). If we are fishing weeds, we will use slightly thicker line so we don’t break off in the weeds when the fish goes into the weeds. We always use lighter lines like 2 lb. and 3 lb. leaders when the fishing gets tough. Using these lines prevents the fish from seeing or feeling the line. This will make them hold the bait longer and will prevent ejections and spit-outs before you can set the hook. We catch more fish than others because we use smaller hooks and lighter lines than the leaders on the shelf.

Hook Tyer – Fishing Leader Tips (Snell Hooks):

  1. Use the overhand loop knot and connect two of these loops (leader snell to main fishing line). Find a overhand loop knot video here
  2. With your Hook Tyer – Use one or 2lb. lighter line on your leader as this is the part the fish sees or feels. (This will get you more bites, takes and pick-ups.)
  3. Using slightly lighter line will help you to get back the rest of your rig. If you snag or fish fish cribs, using a lighter leader will help you to get back fishing fast. Simply pull and ONLY the leader will snap.
  4. Save lots of $$ and tons of time by getting your split shot back and not breaking your rig.
  5. Tie up both light and strong leaders. You never know when the big fish will be around.
  6. Better to break off and hook up with fish on light leader than to not hook up.
  7. Always start with light hook snell leaders – you can always go heavier if you break off.
  8. Make enough for your whole trip. Cut a 14″ piece of cardboard and make notches. Place the leader end in the notch. Hook the hook point into the cardboard. (Use a marker to write- size of hook and strength or thickness of line!!).
  9. Make hook leaders in bad weather or when watching a game on television. Getting this easy work done ahead of time will help you fish longer!
  10. Don’t waste time on the water doing things you could have done at home! Get ready before fishing.
  11. With lighter leaders – use a landing net. If you are fishing right, you should never lift the fish out of water without a net. keep the fish at least 1/2 in the water and slide the net under. You don’t want to strain or snap your leader and lose your fish.


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