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Quill Float

Quill floats or quill bobbers might just be the most sensitive float you have ever used.  These quill fishing floats are genuine peacock float shafts. The material in a quill float is light. As light as a feather was the point.

Quill Float Bite Indicator

Quill floats make fantastic bite indicators. They jump in the water. Peacock quill is one of our favorite prostaff’s floats. They truly shows off a take. Light split shot balances a quill float. The light material and light split shot combination make this a great float for lift bite fishing. Fish for suspended fish with a quill float.  Trout, crappie, bluegills, perch or carp. Fish can pick your bait and rise in the water. With the proper bite indicator like these quill floats, you will see the float rise in the water. We call this a “fast” reaction. Peacock quill floats rise quickly.

Quill Bobber – More Action

Prepare yourself for cold water fishing conditions and have some of these floats available in your tackle box. In the 1600’s people used quill floats. Quill floats are made of peacock quill, crow quill, turkey quill, porcupine quill and goose quills. To this day, the quill float remains a top float material for competitive fishermen. Colonial fishermen made use of quill floats. Some quills were available for sale in modern tackle stores. Most stores do not sell quill floats. Quills are used in competitions in many countries. You have to see a quill bobber. You will be a big fan of the awesome action.







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