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Dan Gapen, Jr., teaches you to catch more walleye on the river – Hall of Fame tips, tricks and tactics that have worked for him!

“River Fishing” DVD#4 Walleye

Classic DVD Series

Walleye fishing hasn’t changed much since this VHS series now on DVD was first done. This 1 hour and 10 minute DVD is filled with dozens of helpful how-to tips for the angler who wishes to pursue the river walleye. As Dan Gapen, Jr., the Head River Rat has always done, he willingly gives up his special secrets on how to fish this species.

Come along and learn how to ‘slip’ a river, work a current cut, fish a lift, troll downstream for best hot weather results, dabble an eddy and straightline for big walleye.

Hall of Fame Angler – Dan Gapen, Jr. has spent much of his life fishing rivers. He teaches you the quality information you need to navigate a river’s secrets for catching walleye. The authority on moving water fishing, Gapen’s video series stacks up tips, video footage and information for you to easily learn the art of catching more walleye on a river.


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River Fishing Walleye How-to Video – DVD – Learn to Catch Walleye w/Dan Gapen Jr.

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