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Sensitive Fishing Rod –

Our finest Sensitive Fishing rod and most sensitive jigging rod is perfect for fishing boats. Endorsed by USA Fishing Team member Johnny Wilkins as the rod he uses when on the water – this rod will help you to feel every structure and fish touch. A great all-around fishing rod with sensitivity yet back bone to play fish of all sizes – including beasts like bass, big walleye and even piker, carp.

For shore fishing and structure fishing, bigger fish, I use the Gapen 10 – 10 foot spinning rod as I it is absolutely the best rod I have ever used for power and casting! Trusted float fishing rod of the Chicago Fishing School. Gapen Fishing equipment is also highest quality you can buy.

The Most Sensitive Fishing Rod – Gapen Wilderness Series fishing rod is an unbelievable value. Don’t be fooled by rod manufacturers who boast of 70 & 80 million modulus cloth in their rods! To be safe, ask them what percentage (%) of 70 or 80 million modulus their rods contain?? If they are honest, most will answer that their rods contain less than 20% of the claimed material.

Gapen Wilderness Rods

This Gapen Wilderness Rod is the most sensitive fishing rod a high-quality graphite casting rod great for spin casting, walleye, bass, crappie, perch, bluegill or trout rod this sensitive and strong kevlar graphite rod is used by Dan Gapen – it’s his go-to fishing rod. Select one or two of these great spin casting rods and add the touch and hook-setting speed that a quality graphite rod puts in your hands. For casting spinners, bobbers, floats, jigging, and live bait rigs to feel the lightest tap of any finicky perch, shy-biting walleye or panfish, and to get the jump on lightning-quick trout bites, you will love the feel, speed and touch of this graphite spinning rod. These quality spinning rod blanks will improve your casting, speed up your hook set and give you sensitivity and feel like you have never experienced in a rod. Dan Gapen fishes this spinning rod to feel the lightest bite as kevlar carbon raps transfer touch from your fishing line and hook to your rod top and right to your fingers. Gapen rods are mostly designed one-piece for superior touch, feel and power – at an affordable cost.


High quality construction at a great price, the Gapen Wilderness Rod series puts high performance in your hands for much less money and a replacement warranty to boot. So affordable, you can purchase two or three Gapen spinning rods for the price of one of the more commercial brands. No matter how you might break your rod, you are always covered by our warranty replacement service (see below). Many anglers pick two of the same rods to have extra spinning rod rigs, extra live bait set-ups ready and to have a back-up rod in case of a break. Although we thing you will love this spinning rod so much that you wouldn’t think of breaking one, accidents happen. No need to stop fishing if you have a back-up rod, grab two Gapen Wilderness spinning rods and throw, throw, throw to score more fish, feel more bites and or set more hooks on your favorite waters.

Sensitive Fishing Rod - 6 foot ultra-sensitive jigging rod, spin cast, carbon kevlar Gapen Fishing

Sensitive Fishing Rod! The quality of this ultra-sensitive jigging rod can be seen in the tight wraps of the rod blank. Giving this rod the best touch possible – jig up and hook more fish.

Sensitive Spinning Rod

Don’t let this spinning rod be the one that got away, try one and get to your walleye rod, perch stick or trout rod working your favorite water. Using a more sensitive fishing rod for any method, you will feel every detail and more subtle bites than ever. Upgrade to a Gapen Wilderness rod and feel the great hook set touch and action only a kevlar carbon-laced wrap can offer. Fast action, powerful response and the rod backbone that Dan Gapen demands in his spin casting rod. Hook a rainbow trout, stop a perch from emptying your jig or rip a crappie off the top of structure with our spinning rod and see for yourself.

This rod is the most sensitive fishing rod we can make. Superior in sensitivity and strength to the graphite blanks of the past, these NEW rods carry a friendly and fair lifetime replacement warranty. Your Gapen Wilderness Rod will be replaced for HALF it’s retail price due to “ANY” manufacturer defect or customer breakage. We don’t care what your accident was, we want you to fish the best rods and get back to fishing with a new rod – warrantied for the life of the rod. We will give you a brand new rod at half it it’s current replacement cost! This way you can enjoy catching more fish with a Gapen fishing rod. The following are examples of the current replacement costs:

5′ 0″ and 5′ 6″ rods retail at $75 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $37.50(Plus Shipping & Handling)
6′ 0″ and 6′ 6″ rods retail at $85 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $42.50(Plus Shipping & Handling)
7′ 0″ and 7′ 6″ rods retail at $95 -REPLACEMENT PRICE = $47.50(Plus Shipping & Handling)
10′ rods retail at $179.95 – REPLACEMENT PRICE = $89.95 (Plus Shipping & Handling)

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