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Snelled Bait Hook

A 6-pack of snelled bait hook from Danielson are a great choice for any angler.  These hooks have been picked as one of the best, all-around fishing hook sizes available. This versatile snelled live bait hook can fish most any species of fish because of its size and strength. Anglers like the performance of the snelled circle hook as it is small enough to get picked-up by fish without detection. Snelled hooks are easy to put on line quickly – simply make a loop, thread it through and you are ready to fish.

A snelled bait hook can get inside the fish’s mouth, yet will slide out easily using our FishSaver hook remover.

Danielson smelled bait hooks feature the sharp hook points, and bait-holder barbs. These bronzed finish hooks are quality high carbon steel. It’s strength and performance make it a great choice for fishing trout, panfish, bass, walleye, perch, crappie or any species in your waters. 7″ of 4 lb. clear nylon line attached to the snelled bait hook make this your choice for fishing lines from four to six pounds.

We like to fish one line up from the thickness of the leader snell so that any snag or fish too large to handle will break at the snell. Breaking at the snell will allow you to get all the rest of your fishing rig back. Break at the snell and quickly get back fishing. If you break above the snell, you can lose weights, split shot, main line and floats. You might also break you rod tip if too much force is needed to un-snag your hook from cover. Another reason to create the breaking point fishing 8 pound main line and a 6 lb. leader is that you won’t spook the fish by ripping cover out. If fish are near the cover and you rip a branch out- you could wreck your fishing.

Snelled Bait Hook, used on live bait, are ready-to-fish. Simply create an overhand loop (learn the loop here) and you can either connect right to that loop or add a two-sided swivel to that loop. Connect the snelled hook to the swivel to eliminate line twist caused by reeling in bait. Anytime you are casting a float or bait rig with live bait, bait will spin in the water – using a swivel connected to your main line will also create a stronger connector and prevent cut-offs.

Try snelled hooks with your live bait fishing! Learn more about crappie floats, fishing with live bait and catching more fish on the ultimate float fishing radio show – the Fishing School. These hooks come in sizes 10, 12, 14 and feature a tough 6 lb. leader line.


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