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Stick Float Fishing Bobber – a most sensitive fishing bobber – shows the smallest of bites. Stick floats show bites that round bobbers and center tube slip bobbers don’t show. Slip float bobbers will show you bites in cold water with small baits on trout, crappie, bluegill, bream, perch, catfish, bass and carp that round bobbers can’t show. Catch more fish, try the stick floats.

Stick Float Fishing Bobber

Stick floats are a very versatile and sensitive fishing float. Setting up a stick float is very easy. These light and tall bobbers are the opposite of a red and white plastic bobber! Stick floats are tall, light and very responsive. These floats will show you the lightest bite.

Sensitive Float

If you are are new to fishing floats, this is a great starter float. The tall shape is the best float to fish. A stick float offers the simplest detection of bites and light takes. You will see every movement of fish taking the bait with our 1 gram stick float. Unlike a round bobber, the tall stick float will tilt, raise up or swim away showing you when to set the hook.

Sustainable Materials

Our floats use reeds which are very sustainable material. Like much of our product we sell, these floats show bites faster and better protect fish allowing safest handling and easier hook removal. Reeds are harvested and re-grow making this float a very environmentally friendly float option vs. plastic! And, reed functions better than plastic. Catch more fish – don’t use plastic.

Stick Float Setups

The stick float fishing bobber is easy for you to set up. A couple setup tips include adding one loop of line through the float eye. This loop will prevent the float from changing depths when you cast. The line loop will keep your float stuck at the proper depth. Loosen the loop to adjust the depth when you move the float. Use only the highest quality split shot.

Place three or four small split shot on each side of the float. These weights should sink your float low in the water. Four #4 split shot will do ( .2 gram each). You can also have #6 split shot and use two #6 (.1 gram). These will hold your float in place with the loop for fishing all day. Down the line you might fish a #8 tiny weight at the bottom. A small swivel might also be your bottom weight.

Light Leader Line

The last part of your rig should be a lighter leader line. This should be a thinner line than the line on your reel or pole. If you use 4 pound line, you should have a 3.5 or 3 pound leader to hook . The lighter line will be flexible and will give you more hookups. Should you snag, the light line will break first. Play big fish in the water (don’t lift them up). Use a net to lift them and your stick float will catch a lot of fish.

1 Gram Stick Float Fishing Bobber

Our 1 Gram stick float fishing bobber is 5 1/2″ in length and is very thin. This float is very versatile for many species. You can fish these floats with baits including:

  • crappie minnows
  • small shiner minnow
  • red worm
  • cut crawler
  • night crawler
  • wax worm
  • spike
  • maggot
  • cricket
  • leech

The 1 gram stick float is great for trout, crappie, blue gill, bream, shell crackers, catfish, carp, bass, perch and anything that swims. You will see a difference in your fishing if you switch to these lighter floats.

Lift Bites on Stick Floats

Stick floats will help you to see bites you never have seen. When our stick float lifts up in the water, that is a fish bite. The fish takes the bottom weight and pulls upward. With round bobbers and tube slip bobbers, you can not see this bite. This bite occurs over 20% of the time! Crappies and trout are notorious lift biters.

If your stick float lifts up in the water, set the hook. You will catch so many more fish using tall floats.

Stick Float Fishing Bobber Tip

If you want to create a removable float, add a snap swivel. We have a float connector that allows you to disconnect your float. This is important for transport. Light floats can be damaged in transport. Banging around on your rod or in-between luggage, floats can chip or break.

Remove floats after fishing by using the quick-connect snap and keep your float perfect. Using a snap allows you to connect a larger float also to fish bigger bait. A larger float might be necessary if wind picks up. Switch to the larger float and add some weight to increase casting distance.



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