Quick Snap Float Swivel Connector


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3-Pack Quick Snap Float Connector™ allows the angler to change floats, put floats away and create a slip float from any waggler bobber. Makes fishing and changing floats much easier!

Quick Snap Float Swivel Connector

Slip Float/Fixed Float Bobber Snap Swivel

3 – Pack of Quick Snap Float Swivel Connectors™

Anglers can change their favorite floats using the Quick Snap Float Swivel Connector™ to create a slip float or fixed float presentation. Useful for quickly disconnecting floats at the end of fishing. Also allows the angler to increase the size of their float or bobber by quickly snapping or unsnapping the float and hooking up another. Useful when conditions change as angler can use a bigger float in the wind, longer float for more distance or change to a smaller float for a more sensitive attack. There are some times when changing the float is needed and the Quick Snap Float Quick Connector ™ makes changing your bobber easy and fast. No re-rigging or retying needed!

A great way to protect your balsa and delicate floats is to unsnap them and transport them in a box or case – NEVER ON THE ROD or POLE. Instead, unclip the float and pack it away. The Quick Snap™ Float Swivel will save you money right from the start by protecting your nice fishing floats. Disconnect them and store them when not in use, when traveling or putting rods in the car and save your floats.

Great Slip Float Bobber

To fish with a slip float, simply tie on your knot stop, slide it up the line and then add the Quick Snap Float Swivel Quick Connector ™- no bead needed! Add on your split shot to balance the float and you are ready to fish.

Fixed Float Bobber

For a fixed float, simply add a split shot, moisten the line, and slip the split shot up to depth. Slide on a Quick Snap™ and then slide another split shot on to hold the Quick Snap™ (and float) in place. For  long casts use two split shot, then the Quick Snap™. Now balance the float out with shot and you are ready to fish. We recommend using only quality Anchor Split Shot or Super Deux Split Shot


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