Live Bait Trout Mega Kit – Trout Fishing Kit


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Live Bait Trout Fishing Kit – MTN Mega Trout Kit

The live bait trout fishing kit that tackles every water you may face. Included are floats, tools, custom line leader tying tool and even our jig eye punch / split shot plier tool. This kit is like Batman’s utility belt or a ninja’s weapon pouch – it has everything you need to catch many more trout than those around you.

Our MTN live bait trout fishing kit gives you the most subtle bite indicators available – not in most stores and definitely in no big box store. You can only find our trout fishing kits here! Our floats are hand-selected to fish any trout condition including wind, weed beds for long casts, deep water quarry trout fishing, shallow stream and pond fishing. Present tiny live baits and see the most trout takes of any bite indicator. Often times our field staff fishes next to tube-through-center slip bobbers and destroys them in number of bites, fish on and fish landed.

Included in the MTN live bait trout fishing kit are:

$10 in freebies and upgrades are included during this special promotion!

  1. Upgraded Plano ProLatch 3700 Guide Box
  2. 6” Bream Bobber – Extra Long Distance and Deep Water
  3. Snell Ninja Hook Tyer – Make Custom Hook Leaders!
  4. Shot Ninja  – This tools knocks out jig paint, helps put split shot on (flat end) and can take a split shot off thin mono without damaging the line!
  5. Owner Mosquito 12 – Extra Pack of hooks
  6. Loop Cobra –  Ties miniature loops – great for rigging up!
  7. Redball Bait Egg – Trout love the look of this and it has a more powerful fish attractant than GULP!
  8. extra FishSaver Hook Remover FREE
  9. Upgraded Prolatch 3700 Tackle Box FREE $8.99 value.
  10. Free Fish in a Barrel Trout Pellet Sample Pack


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Weight .9 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 10 × 4 in

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