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The best fine hook-remover in the world.  Based on 200-year old proven design this works the best. Ultimate fish hook remover – the Fish Saver will help you to get deep-hooked tackle out of fish safely. Save hooks, save the fish – save time and catch more fish by having this tool with you. This tool is used the world over by top live bait anglers as the safest method of removing hooks from fish.

Always have a few on hand – you won’t like fishing without one.

Hook Remover – The Best  -The Fish Saver Hook Remover

Hook Remover? You need the Ultimate fish hook remover – the Fish Saver hook remover will help you to get deep-hooked tackle out of fish safely. Save hooks, save the fish – save time and catch more fish by having this tool with you. This tool is used the world over by top live bait anglers as the safest method of removing hooks from fish. This tool is easy to use. The material is safest for fish and does NOT DAMAGE YOUR LINE!

Hook Remover Tip

Using our Hook Remover, you are able to fish smaller hooks. You can also fish very thin lines. Thinner lines and smaller hooks will get you more takes, bites and hook-ups. We fish 2 lb. leaders most all of the year unless the fish are heavier than 10 lb.! The secret to our fishing success is “hiding the hook and line” from the fish with lighter line and smaller hook. The largest hook we recommend using for live bait when fishing for multi-species fish is size 8. Our competition anglers fish size 10 and smaller. Hook size get SMALLER as the number gets larger. The tool works on fish hook eyes to size 8 for most companies. Note – we recommend you fish hooks size 10, 12, 14 for both best success and to work best with this tool. Simply by switching to premium hooks (steel vs. wire), you will hook up with more fish. We made it easy for you – here are the best fishing hooks for live bait on the market: Owner Mosquito Hooks  Spend a little more on the hook when you purchase our hook remover because you will never lose a hook inside a fish! This tool gets hooks removed from their BELLIES! Using the Fish Saver Hook Remover (disgorger), you can remove hooks so deep you can’t see them.

KEEP LINE TIGHT! Using The Fish Saver Hook Remover

To use our hook remover Simply twist line one time around bottom of tool near fish’s mouth and slide the slot on the line, pull the line tight between the rod tip and the fish! – keep it tight! Slide the disgorger’s slot down into the fish- bump inward and do a half turn – out comes the hook every time! Fishsaver Instructions Our Hook Remover is fantastic!

Keeping the line tight is the key to quick success with the fish saver disgorger. You may also look down the fish’s mouth to see where you are bumping with the tool. The Fish Saver increases the survival rate of the fish and is a must-have for parents, fishing clubs, anglers, shore anglers and boat anglers – trout anglers- this is the best for live-release fishing.

Pick up at least two and have spares! They are so cheap, you should buy a fist-full and save them for friends, kids, grandkids, fishing clubs, etc. We don’t leave home without them, they are essential.

LiveBaitFishingTackle is committed to bringing you the best fishing tools for live bait fishing. Some tools are dropped from manufacturers because they don’t sell millions. We sell the tackle tools that work the best to provide you the best live bait fishing experience. Please share our site with the share buttons below and tell a friend!

Download a fish hook remover tips sheet on using your new disgorger here (Key tips make this tool work perfectly EVERY TIME).

Hook Remover Used in 1800’s!

Hook removers for live bait fishers have been used since the 1600’s, 1700’s and were fashioned from a stick. The stick end would be notched so the user could “bump” the hook free from the fish’s mouth. You can find older models from the 1800’s that were manufactured from steel from the Pflueger company. Antique Hook Removers can be purchased from this period.  Fish hook removers evolved and were turned into primitive plastic around 1940 when iron was in high demand for WWII. The tool has changed and most think of the hook remover as the red plastic wand with two big balls on either end. (This thing doesn’t work as well as ours!!). In the 1980’s there was a great live bait angler named Mick Thill and he made the Lindy Hook Remover (Thill Bobbers) popular. The modern hook remover (disgorger) was being used in Europe since the 1960’s or 1970’s. Thill the ultimate float fisher and live bait tackle expert, made using this hook remover popular here. It was a yellow hook remover or orange and came in a package. This is an essential tool for fishing – we can’t go fishing without it! Mick Thill parted ways with Lindy Little Joe and the company eventually stopped producing the Thill Hook Remover (disgorger tool). We decided to bring it back. Mostly because we needed to fish every day, but also because we knew this is an essential fishing tool for live bait fishing.

Bad Hook Removers

The sad truth is that most fishing stores carry clunky, fat, heavy hooks that kill the bait. This thing is red and has a giant red ball on one end and a medium red ball on the other. This only works on bigger fish if you can see the hook. The tool doesn’t stay on the line well. It is a bad design. Other hook removers are made of metal. Some such as needle nose pliers and hemostats pinch the hook. These tools require you to see the hook. They also will damage your line by putting nicks in the line. Remove one fish and you have damaged your fishing line. Our tool works because it will stay on a tight line. The remover tool will work even when you can’t see the hook. There is no need to look down the fish’s mouth. Our tool will get a hook out of the fish’s belly. And, our tool is made of nylon so it will not damage your knot or fishing line.

Not Available In Stores

Since the FishSaver™ hook remover is not available in stores, you should always purchase 2 or 3. If you drop one into the river, lake or pond, you may lose it. Rocky shores gobble these up. We always store a spare in the car and in the tackle box. Buy a few, because once you change your hooks and go to lighter lines – your friends will be asking to borrow your system. We simply can NOT fish without this tool.

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