Big Dibber- 3 gr. Shy Eyed Float


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short-range-3gr-pole-float-shy-biteBig Dibber is not all that big, but it packs a massive fish-catching punch. We brought the Big Dibber back for a reason. Remember when your favorite Shy Bite float used to have the metal controller eye – WE BROUGHT IT BACK. Fans of the old Shy Bite Float will love having the eye back on this Shy Eyed Float because it gives you control of that float right at the water line – where it matters.

The Big Dibber- 3 gr. Shy Eye Float

The Big Dibber – 3 gram Shy Eye float is great for pitching into shallow water with red worm, small minnow, cricket or nightcrawler. In fact, this float is great for ambushing big fish in shallow water- giving you a little stealth with very little splash to startle- the Big Dibber 3 gr. makes the perfect pitching float for creek and stream fishing. Just enough weight to get you to the hole or far bank and suspend a bait through the current. With the help of the controller eye (Shy Eyes) – you will feel confident in holding the bait back and setting the table for that hungry fish.

This is a great tangle-free float because of its design. Easily offer this up to someone who just makes short casts to fish. Simple to fish – add enough shot to get waterline matched to the white stripe (when the bait is on). You will find this a stable float and one that will show you right when the fish takes the bait. Better with worms, grubs, crickets and non-swimmers – the float is good with small crappie minnows in the shallows!! Doesn’t spook the fish because of its size. Flip one in, watch and hold on! The Big Dibber 3 gram will be sure to make new fishing highlights for you. Also comes with two secure rubber bands on top of float. Fish these below the eye for added strength and back-up.

Windy Float Fishing Tip

To make your floats stick in windy conditions, simply cast past your target area, then lower your rod tip under water and crank in toward you. You can see the line sinking under water [ very important ]. With your line under water, you can properly present a bait in the strike zone much longer and in a more appealing fashion to fish. This is the difference between limiting out and getting skunked in many cases.


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