Disgorgers Return to USA!

Disgorgers Are Back – FishSaver Hook Remover Returns to Tackle Boxes

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From Left-to-Right, 1800’s Disgorger, New FishSaver Disgorger, 1950’s split shot plier, 2014 split shot Plier

It seems a simple thing to ask for – a disgorger fish hook remover. If you fish for trout, bluegill, crappie, bass or perch using plain hooks- you shouldn’t be without a disgorger. These help retrieve an angler’s hook, even if it is in the belly of the fish!!! Good for the fish, great for the angler to keep your rig in tact and get your hook back on the end of a disgorger. A simple tool, really makes fishing that much better.

Without a disgorger, anglers can’t get their fingers in the fish’s mouth, can’t use a hemostat down the mouth of the fish – the hook is lost, line is cut. Worse yet, healthy fish are harmed if a fisherman doesn’t have this essential fishing tool.

How can tackle companies not offer this item? Fishing tackle companies have gone tackle-blind to only the top two or three species in our country and the average angler is suffering from lack of supply. Tools of yesterday and even 200 years ago have been forgotten. Live Bait Fishing Tackle.com believe that anglers should have essential tools and equipment for great fishing. Our editors can’t go fishing without at least one disgorger.

Having a back-up hook remover in the tackle box and one in the visor of your vehicle is also important. One false move and a dropped tool in rocks, lake or river and your valuable tool is gone. Anglers back in the 1700’s knew that getting your hook out of a fish was a key activity during fishing. Even 300 years ago, fisherman carried an iron hook-remover to the bank. This was one handy and essential item as it helped get the hook out of the fish, to catch another.  They key to catching a lot of fish – not stopping to re-tye hooks or cut lines. Once a rig is catching fish on a day, the last thing we want to do is cut the line and try to tie another – especially when the fish are feeding.

Disgorger - Fish Hook Remover in Progress

Disgorger – Fish Hook Remover

Speed in fishing can clearly be seen by the Illinois record 24-hour catch of 2,011 fish caught in one day. The FishSaver Disgorger, Hook Remover was essential in keeping the rigs in tact but also getting fish unhooked and returned to the water. This preserved the fish being caught, got fish off the hook faster and helped the record-holder fish faster. The mortality rate was less than 1/10th of a percentage point because the hook remover is so efficient and accurate.

If you have never used a disgorger and you fish for trout, crappie, bluegills, bass, catfish or carp with a single hook and live bait – this tool is essential. The disgorger is simple to use and only requires a tight line. Tighten the line and take a firm grip of the fish. Slide the notch on the line and keep the line tight. Slide the tool to the hook, click it, bump it and out comes the hook on the end of your disgorger. Easy, inexpensive, simple. Buy a stack of disgorgers now as this is the best tool for under $1 that you can possibly buy for fishing.

The tool works on all eyed hooks and non-eyed fishing hooks from size 8 to size 22. Hooks larger than size 8 may not fit onto the tool – you will have to try and see if it does work on your hook as all hook manufacturers run their hooks. Their sizes will vary from hook model to model so a size 8 hook from one company will be different than the next company.

Try the FishSaver Disgorger in your next order, this tool will be one your essential fishing items – you dig?