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Sunny Jigs

Perfect little jigs which pack a scent punch that make all panfish jump on the hook.
These jigs feature the best (and only true fish-catching scent) anise, and come packed in a flavor-saving tube. We add the tube to keep your tackle box neat and also to contain that scent so your Sunny Sweets maintain their powerful bite-inducing scent.

When you are done fishing, shake off the water and put the Sunny Sweets back in the tube which holds the scent on your jig. These are the perfect size for all panfish, trout and will even catch walleye and bass when they are looking for small baits.

Sunny Jigs are scented with the best and proven fish-catching scent making them better than PowerBait! Fish hold onto Sunny Jigs longer because of the premium scent – anise flavor so good, you will want to take a taste.

You can tip the jig with a small piece of live bait or fish it as is. The right size, flicking action and scent all work to get the fish to strike and hold just a bit longer for you. For all situations having a bit of scent on your jig will help you to get finicky fish interested and on the hook. Select some dark and light-color jigs for all water colors and light conditions.

Match this bait with a small float for the perfect flip-and-catch setup. Species you will catch include: Perch, Bluegill, Crappie, Trout, Walleye, Bass (Walleye and Bass feed on small grubs, insects all day long). It is no accident that they grab these jigs as it matches some of their primary forage.

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Weight .05 lbs

Chartreuse / Black, Chartruese / Chartuese Clear, Orange / Black, Chartruese / Pearl White, Pink / Pearl White, Orange / Yellow, Orange / Chartruese Glitter, Pink / Pink Pearl, Pink / Chartruese, Orange / Clear Glitter, Chartruese / Pink Pearl


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