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Loop Cobra™ – Loop Tyer

Loop Tyer – the Look Cobra is a great tool to help you get ready to fish. Use this loop tyer to whip together perfect loops every time. We use this tool to finish off our snells and to throw a loop in the end of your line.

Easy to use and fast – this loop tier makes perfectly-sized loops. The way we use this loop tier tool is to prepare a dozen or so spare hook lengths (snelled hooks). The hook lengths are tied the same length. When we tie hook lengths, we finish each snell with a perfect-sized loop. When we break a hook length, take one from the card and run the hook through the end of your main line. Step two is to simply run the hook through its own loop and then pull it tight. Because all the work is done before fishing, attaching a new hook is fast. We attach a new hook in under :15 seconds! Back to fishing.

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Great For Parents & Fishing Guides

If you have kids or fish with kids, this tool is helpful. Snags are no problem if you use our recommended setup. We recommend a main fishing line of 4 lb; and a hook length (12″ leader line) that is 2 lb. If you happen to snag bottom or a branch, you can simply break the leader line off. Grab a spare, and put the hook through for a loop-to-loop connection. Bait up and get back to fishing. When we fish with kids, a card of spare hook length lines is pre-tied and placed on a plastic notched card (or piece of cardboard). Preparing is done while watching a show or movie. I tie up a dozen spare lines to take care of kid’s snags and tangles.

Change Hooks Quickly

Guides use this the ™ Loop Tyer to make spare lines for the fishing day. Competitive anglers and guides use the Loop Cobra tool to prepare multiple sizes of hooks and different thicknesses of snelled leaders. When a hook becomes dull, simply clip the bottom of the loop on the snell. Dispose of old hook and line properly. Take a fresh shelled hook off the storage card. Run the hook through your swivel or main line loop. Run the hook through its OWN LOOP. Pull the line down lightly. Wet the line and pull the last part of the loop tight. Having lines prepared ahead of time will save you so much time on the water. Never re-tie a hook out in the dark wasting time on the water.

Change Hooks Quickly

When fishing a lot or hooking a lot of fish, hook points can become dull. You may notice fish coming off the hook. This would be time to change hooks. Using the Loop Cobra™ Loop Tyer ahead of time to prepare spares is essential. Preparing spare snells (leaders) means never having to tie knots on the boat or shore while fishing. This will save you time and result in more time catching! Guides, parents, competitive fishermen know that changing to a new hook is important. Don’t have a dull time fishing!

Loop Tyer Loop Cobra™ So Easy

You will find this Loop Tyer fishing tool, so easy to use. We often create loops and snells while watching a tv show or movie. Once you get the hang of it, you will finish a new loop in under ten seconds.  Perfect sized loops every time without a lot of work.



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