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Mr. Waxy UV Glow Jigs That Fish Love – Summer & Winter

Painted in bright UV GLOW colors, this UV Glow jig attracts fish 24 hours a day–under dark or bright conditions. Mr. Waxy (Mr. Waxie or Mr. Waxey), presents the bait at an angle with it’s special tilt-style bait hook to help make the fish strike.

The secret to the UV Glow Jig is that it captures the rays of either the sun or a UV flashlight and shines bright under water where it may be dark or stained. Fish can see a UV Glow and are attracted further in the dark water. Fish that are energized by the sight of the jig, move to see, investigate strike more times because they are in motion – in gear.

These jigs are the “hunted outline” (like in the movie Predator), they look like they are targets exploding with color to hungry crappies and bluegills who hunt this spectrum of light! They stick out like a sore thumb!


For success on your next outing, be sure to select both bright and dark colors along with multiple sizes to have some small and some medium selections. Having multiple shades, some dark, some light will assure your water conditions work with your offering. Hot colors this season include the Mr. Waxy Chartreuse/Orange, Mr. Waxy Fire Tiger and Mr. Waxy Green / Chartreuse. Another tip- don’t be caught with just one of a jig as a break-off or lost jig to a fish will leave you short on your next trip. Ship some extras to assure you have what you need when the fishing action heats up on ice – or in the summer.

Like all Gapen tackle, design, color patterns, hook selection are the elements that provide you with fish-catching success. Quality of components, paint selection and details that go into making Mr. Waxy Ice Jig – the quickest way to hooking up on fish. Great for crappie, perch, bluegill, bream because Mr. Waxy puts the bait right in their lip line and in front of their eyes.

Gapen’s ice lures are designed to be used as lures for “all seasons,” winter and summer alike. Traditionally, ice lures were constructed for winter use only. Gapen’s ice lures are not! They are equally as effective through ice or in open water. Mainly constructed for panfish such as perch, bluegill and crappie, the hook sizes remain small, but don’t be surprised when you hook into a bass, walleye or other fish that will love this presentation.

All Gapen’s winter/summer jigs are nickel-plated prior to glow paint being sprayed on. Such action prevents corrosion in tackle boxes. Stock up on Mr. Waxy jigs to get your tackle box ready to catch fish. Mr. Waxy has been one of our hottest selling jigs which means it is catching and catching from the East Coast to the Upper Midwest. Drop Mr. Waxy into your local waters and find out why it is so hot.

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Chartreuse / Orange (Glow), Fire Red, Fire Tiger (Glow), Gold Metalic, Green / Chartreuse (Glow), Neon / Trout (Glow), Orange / Black (Glow), Purple (Glow), Hot Pink (Glow), Silver / Metalic, White / Black (Glow), Pink (Glow)


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  1. Johnny

    This is one of the ONLY jigs I fish. It is a light jig with a slow drop and the UV Glow of this jig will catch you more fish in deep water as well as in stained water because fish who turn to see something, are fish that feed. Get them moving and get them striking. Simple. UV glow charges in the sun and literally is a lighthouse to hungry fish underwater. I use these in Wisconsin, Canada, Minnesota, Illinois and Tennessee stained waters that I fish and also the shape of the hook seems to be perfect – most hook-ups are in the front lip and we never go hungry for shore lunch with Mr. Waxy! Thank you Gapen Fishing Tackle for another amazing fish-catching product. Genius.

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