River Smallmouth Bass How to Fish

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River Smallmouth Bass “How-To Fish”

River Smallmouth Bass have the advantage, until you are equipped with this book! The How-To Fish River Smallmouth Bass book will help you dial in on river hot spots and teach you what to do any time of the year to catch more chunky smallmouth bass.
The smallmouth bass, Dan Gapen’s favorite river fish, is exposed in this book. It contains all the tricks Gapen has acquired over the years. Entered into the Freshwater Hall of Fame for his river expertise, Dan Gapen Sr. grew up on rivers and is a third generation lure maker. You will benefit by his one-of-a-kind experiences. His books get high ratings for their style, detail and also the illustrations he provides to put you on the smallmouth bass in rivers.
Things such as lips, slipping, crawfish, dabbling, downstream retrieve, current breaks, rep-rap, piling, stump knocking, bottom walking, and ugly bugs will come to light.
It will expose the late fall technique of center streaming and show the reader with detailed maps where to work smallies above a waterfall. This book, more than any other, is a must for the river angler. Grab the definitive guide to catching more of these river beast fish.
River Smallmouth Bass, the how-to-catch book by Dan Gapen Sr. teaches you to catch more river smallmouth bass. Learn the habitat and behaviors of river smallmouth bass, best lures, tactics, tricks and tips from Fishing Hall of Fame – Dan Gapen Sr., River Fishing Legend
Rivers can be a tricky structure for most fishermen. If you know how to run your lures and where to go at each time of the year, you will catch more river smallmouth bass. Legendary river guide and lure designer, Dan Gapen Sr. shows you exactly where to fish for the best smallmouth bass.

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